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    First Drive: 2015 BMW M3 Sedan

    The No-Compromise Four-Door Coupe BMW's all-new M3 Sedan is dynamically nearly identical to its two-door M4 Coupe sibling: a stopwatch reveals that both are sub-four-second cars to 60 miles per hour (96 km/h), a racetrack proves that the mechanical twins are equally as adept on a road course and ...

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    Detroit: 2015 BMW M3 is the fast sedan for the family man in Detroit

    BMW finally brought its four-door M3 into the public view, showing the new sedan off at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. The new M3 represents BMW's return to small, wildly fast four-door sedans after a several year absence following the discontinuation of the E90 M3 Sedan way back in 2011. The M3 ...

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    Featured: M-fographic breaks down the history of BMW performance machinery

    Few characters carry the kind of clout among performance enthusiasts as the letter M. For 35 years now, that one letter has adorned over 300,000 BMWs, each tuned to deliver a higher degree of performance than the stock models on which they're based. The M division has worked up nearly 100 ...

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    Video: There's no substitution for BMW's E30 M3

    If you told someone that you had a friend with a four-cylinder BMW who "would let me wash the car," and in exchange for the privilege then let you drive that clean BMW once around the block, your first question would probably be "What kind of BMW is this?" There's a chance you wouldn't be ...

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    Video: BMW M3 drift video by has us looking for dry lake beds

    Since its inception, BMW's venerable M3 has proven itself as a multi-purpose platform for some of the coolest race cars and street machines around. From drifting, road race, endurance, rally, gymkhana to trailer queen show car, you only have to hear its simple moniker to get excited about what's ...

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    Video: BMW M3 gets the video retrospective treatment

    With BMW on the cusp of pulling back the sheets on its next-generation M3 (or should we say, M4?), the crew from Electric Federal has taken it upon themselves to give us a generation-by-generation look at the evolution of the most renowned of BMW's sports coupes. The video below features plenty ...

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    Video: BMW M3 goes flying off cliff during crash, gets destroyed on video

    In a strange twist of irony, I've been immersed in the used BMW E46 M3 market for the past six months. After scooping up the ideal 2004 M3 Cabrio in carbon black on cinnamon just three days ago, watching this carbon black on cinnamon coupe sail over a cliff during a crash is difficult to watch. ...

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    Video: Toronto supercar video documents visitor to Canada's automotive eye candy

    If you're a car enthusiast to the core, and have a sore neck, we strongly advise you avoid the city of Toronto in the summer months. When the weather heats up, so does the amount of rolling exotic car eye-candy. And your neck will get strained keeping up with the automotive exotica roving Toronto ...

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    Official: 2014 BMW 335i M Performance Edition limited run in Canada ends May 17

    For those buyers who simply can't wait for the next generation BMW M3 (or whatever the new naming convention may be), it appears BMW Canada has your solution. For a very limited time, BMW will be offering the BMW 335i and the 335i xDrive M Performance Edition to Canadians, but you'll have to act ...

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    Breaking: BMW M4 sheds some camouflage for latest test run

    Last time we saw the upcoming BMW M4 out testing, it was heavily clad with camouflage and decidedly homely looking (as most early development mules are). But in this latest set of photos, the M3 coupe successor has started to come into its own skin, and we're seeing a shape more closely akin to ...