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Mercedes F1

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    Motorsport: Lauda irked at Red Bull for dropping circuit corner that bore his name

    Austria hasn't hosted a Formula One grand prix since the 2003 race at the old A1 Ring. Since then Red Bull bought the track, renovated it and returned it to the calendar this year as the Red Bull Ring for a race on June 22. We could look at this as a quaint story of a historic F1 track finally ...

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    Video: Watch how Ken Block spent his weekend in Barbados

    Regardless of what you think of his skill as a racer, Ken Block is an expert showman. At this point, he has a career of showing up around the world to do vehicular stunts, and he's still able to go racing as well. It's a pretty sweet niche to carve out. Recently, Block was in Barbados to ...

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    Video: This is what F1 racing will sound like in 2014

    Formula One is making a switch from the current naturally aspirated 2.4-litre V8 found in the back of every car, to a new, 1.6-litre turbocharged V6. Suffice it to say, things are going to change. The new engines are having such an impact on the teams of F1, that at least one manufacturer, ...

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    Featured: Turbocharged F1 Engines on the Horizon - Mercedes F1 Share their Thoughts

    If you enjoy vision-warping speed, fierce wheel-to-wheel competition, aural stimulation to the tune of 18,000 rpm, and the constant advancement of technology - you're probably a Formula 1 fan. As consumer and government demands continue to evolve, so do the rules of the sport, and 2014 will see a ...

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    Daimler gains full control of Mercedes F1 team after buying out Middle Eastern stake

    When rumours surfaced earlier this year regarding the desire of Abu Dhabi's Aabar Investments to completely shed its stake in Daimler, no one knew why and neither party would comment. The Middle Eastern investment firm took a 9.1-per cent stake in Daimler in 2009, had dropped that to 3.1 per cent ...

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    Video: Nico Rosberg explains why F1 cars are so safe

    So far this season Nico Rosberg has clued us in to why this year's Formula 1 cars look like they do and how the drivers sit inside their cockpits. For his next installment of Grand Prix Insights, along with the help of a Mercedes F1 engineer, he goes over some of the features of the carbon fiber ...

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    Video: Watch Nico Rosberg explain why F1 cars are so ugly this season

    Race #1 of the 2012 Formula 1 season is officially in the books. Along with a talk of a more exciting season after inconclusive winter testing, everyone has had a few words about the way the new cars look, one of the most common being "ugly." The stepped noses used on most of the field are how ...

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    Teen writes letter to Mercedes F1, scores world's most advanced bionic hand [w/video]

    Matthew James, a 14-year-old boy in the UK, was born with a rare condition – his left arm stops at the wrist and he has no left hand. He had been fitted with a simple electric clamp of sorts that allowed him the freedom to pick up small objects but little else. Young Matthew is also a big ...