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Monster Energy

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    Video: Ken Block shows us around his Ford F-150 RaptorTrax

    From his Fiesta HFHV to his '65 Mustang Hoonicorn, the inimitable Ken Block has some awesome machinery at his disposal. But arguably the coolest of the bunch is the RaptorTrax. Based on the previous-gen Ford F-150 SVT Raptor - the one with the steel frame and V8 engine - Block's back country ...

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    Video: Ken Block stunts Ford F-150 RaptorTrax on ski slopes

    Ken Block drives Fords. Hoons the heck out of 'em, actually. Mostly Fiestas, but also the occasional Focus or Mustang. But earlier this year, the Gymkhana guru revealed his baddest Ford yet: an F-150 SVT Raptor on tracks aptly named RaptorTrax. And true to form, here he is putting it to the test ...

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    Video: Baja champ blazes trail through Ensenada with his Monster trophy truck

    Last year, former Baja 1000 champ BJ Baldwin and his trophy truck proved that they could save a woman stranded in the desert in a broken down Nissan GT-R in a video called Recoil. For this year's sequel, he's turned the excitement way up. By combining high speed, huge jumps, women in bikinis, ...

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    Report: Are energy drinks the next to be banned from motorsports sponsorship?

    Like it or not, when it comes to brass tacks, motorsports is a business. To keep racing, the teams need to make money, and, generally speaking, the winnings from a victory aren't going to cover the expenses. The reality is that teams need sponsorship to survive. For decades, much of that funding ...

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    Video: The Motorcycle vs. Car Driftpocalypse is the baddest video you'll see all summer

    For the longest time, drifting has been considered a sport for vehicles with 4 wheels and a steering wheel. The boys over at Icon Motorsports have done their utmost best to disprove that in their latest joint venture with Monster Energy, featuring another motorcycle vs. car drift battle to rule ...

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    Video: Ken Block's racecar catches on fire mid-race and keeps going

    Ken Block. If you have any interest in things with 4 wheels and an internal combustion motor, it's not possible to have never heard of this hoonigan If you're reading this, chances are that you have seen his Gymkhana videos. If you haven't yet seen any of his antics, watch this and this before ...

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    Video: Offroad truck crash destroys two vehicles in tangled mess

    This crash video illustrates how fast things can go wrong, especially when you mix these powerful trucks with such high speeds and big air at the Lucas Oil Challenge Cup. We've seen some spectacular off-road truck crashes before, but nothing like this mind-blowing mid-air collision. Monster ...