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NSX concept

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    Featured: A conversation with Ted Klaus, chief engineer of the new Acura NSX

    Last week, Autoblog sat down with Ted Klaus, chief engineer of the upcoming Acura NSX flagship, at the corporate headquarters of Honda North America in Southern California. The roundtable discussion with a few other members of the media was very casual. However, since the hybrid supercar isn't due ...

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    Rumormill: Acura NSX to be built in North America in 2015

    Honda has confirmed that the forthcoming Acura NSX hybrid supercar will be built at a brand-new facility in Ohio, USA. This will be the company's third plant in Ohio, and will come as the result of a US$70 million investment. Honda first hinted that NSX production would be coming to Ohio when ...

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    Detroit: Acura NSX Concept is pretty on the inside, too

    The Acura NSX is still a couple years away from production (isn't it always?), but Acura has taken the dark window tint off last year's concept and opened the doors to show us what the interior of the car looks like. From what we can tell on the show-floor display, Acura's hybrid supercar will ...

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    Video: Honda shows off greatest hits in new Japanese ad

    Honda is looking toward the future. A new Japanese ad for the company has made its way to YouTube featuring some of the most important models in the automaker's past. From lowly bicycles and small-displacement motorcycles to the ever-sexy 1965 RA272 F1 car and perfectly proportioned S800, the ...

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    Official: Acura NSX concept turns red in China

    Hey look! A red version of the Acura NSX Concept for the Beijing Motor Show. Because it's China, you know. Get it? Red. As in "Red China." And if that doesn't prove Acura is too clever by half, take a good look at the new photos of the red car in the gallery, then check out our related gallery, ...

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    Official: Acura previews Tony Stark's NSX roadster from The Avengers

    We have to admit to being fairly smitten with the promise of the low-slung Acura NSX concept that debuted at the Detroit Auto Show back in January. But for this moment – and for the next several moments – "promise" is all it is, because Acura says we shouldn't expect an NSX in ...

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    Acura uncovers three new models in Toronto including NSX Concept

    Acura spent their time slot at the Toronto Auto Show unveiling a revamp, a completely new model and a long awaited concept. Respectively, these are the RDX, the ILX and the NSX. All three are pivotal to the future of the Acura brand in Canada. For the 2013 model year, the five passenger Acura ...

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    Video: Jerry Seinfeld dumps Porsche to promote Acura NSX in new ad

    How good will the upcoming return of the Acura NSX be? So good, apparently, that despite still being three years out, the supercar has converted well-known Porsche fan Jerry Seinfeld to worship at the altar of the NSX Concept. Though we wouldn't think the creator and namesake of the hit TV show ...

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    Exclusive: Why is the Acura NSX being built in Ohio?

    Three years (on top of the three-plus we've already waited) is a long time to wait for the second coming of the Acura NSX. Measured in Internet time, it's an infinite opportunity for speculation about the whys and hows of the new car. Aside from the new supercar's hybrid powertrain, the most ...

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    Video: Acura NSX old and new get together in Gran Turismo 5 vid

    The Acura NSX Concept was only just unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show and here it's already in a Gran Turismo 5 video. The newest take on an ecological supercar features Honda's recently pointy concept-design language, as well as a V6 amidships getting help from three hybrid motors and Acura's ...