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    Exclusive: Honda says we shouldn't expect any new sports cars?

    It wasn't so long ago that Honda was known for its sporty two-door models, with models ranging from the Civic del Sol to the Prelude and from the Acura Integra and RSX to the Honda S2000. But look at its range today and all you'll see are the Civic and Accord coupes. Honda has essentially let ...

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    Featured: A conversation with Ted Klaus, chief engineer of the new Acura NSX

    Last week, Autoblog sat down with Ted Klaus, chief engineer of the upcoming Acura NSX flagship, at the corporate headquarters of Honda North America in Southern California. The roundtable discussion with a few other members of the media was very casual. However, since the hybrid supercar isn't due ...

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    Rumormill: Acura NSX to be built in North America in 2015

    Honda has confirmed that the forthcoming Acura NSX hybrid supercar will be built at a brand-new facility in Ohio, USA. This will be the company's third plant in Ohio, and will come as the result of a US$70 million investment. Honda first hinted that NSX production would be coming to Ohio when ...

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    Video: LoveFab heads back to Pikes Peak with NSX-based heathen [w/video]

    LoveFab had a rough run at Pikes Peak 2012. During qualifying on Day Two, owner and professional driver Cody Loveland launched his car off of the course at nearly 100 km/h (62 miles per hour). Never ones to be dismayed by a few bruised ribs and some busted body panels, LoveFab is headed back to ...

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    Featured: Acura NSX Concept shows up at Toronto Auto Show... again!

    The interior of Acura's latest concept car was inspired by their designers' "Human Support Cockpit" theme - but the real excitement begins as you're walking up to it. Sleek, sexy lines intersect in all the right ways and at all the right places - the new NSX concept is very pleasing to our ...

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    Detroit: Top 10 Detroit Auto Show Concept Cars

    Love them or hate them, concept cars help shape our automotive future and often give us a glimpse at new design direction and emerging technology. During the Detroit Auto Show, concept cars come in all shapes and sizes ranging from the sleek Acura NSX Concept (pictured above) to the rugged Ford ...

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    Detroit: Acura NSX Concept is pretty on the inside, too

    The Acura NSX is still a couple years away from production (isn't it always?), but Acura has taken the dark window tint off last year's concept and opened the doors to show us what the interior of the car looks like. From what we can tell on the show-floor display, Acura's hybrid supercar will ...

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    Rumormill: Acura NSX production car headed for Detroit debut?

    Auto Express is reporting that Honda is set to unveil the production version of its upcoming Acura NSX at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show. The news comes courtesy of an unnamed "top exec" for Honda Brazil speaking at the Sao Paulo Motor Show. The concept version of the Japanese supercar is currently ...

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    Rumormill: Cheaper baby NSX back under consideration at Acura

    Back in the salad days before the financial upheaval of 2008, Honda's Acura division was reportedly planning to build not one, but two new NSX models. The first was/is the on again off again heir to the NSX throne (then a V10 rear-drive supercar, now the much ballyhooed hybrid all-wheel-drive ...

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    Report: Honda's vehicle designs are moving to North America

    Honda has been dinged by the media – us included – for recent lackluster designs, most notably the 2012 Civic. While the company has mostly adhered to its public position that everything is fine, clearly there are some changes being wrought behind the scenes at the Japanese automaker. ...