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    Official: 2013 Dodge Dart production kicks off in Belvidere [w/video]

    The 2013 Dodge Dart's trajectory towards dealer lots has officially begun. The first Dart rolled of the line at Chrysler's Belvidere Assembly plant in Illinois yesterday, en route to a late June appearance at your local Dodge showroom. Belvidere's future was uncertain after the poor reception ...

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    Security camera catches elderly woman driving into pool

    An elderly woman in Austin, Texas got a scare when she accidentally drove her Dodge Neon into a swimming pool during what was supposed to be a routine trip to the grocery store. Security cameras caught 86-year-old Mary Lee Fine as she barreled through a fence, hit some patio furniture and ...

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    150 brand-new 1997 Chrysler Neons is the ultimate barn find

    The world is filled with curious questions. Why are we here? Why do we hate tomatoes but love ketchup? Why do Canadians love crossovers? Why are there 150 brand-new 1997 Dodge Neon models with zero kilometres on the odometer up for sale in Singapore? That last one is particularly perplexing. ...

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    PSA: If you're contesting a 233 km/h speeding ticket, don't brag about your car's speed in a classified ad

    Getting out of a 233-km/h speeding ticket is undoubtedly a very tough business. Unless you have some very compelling evidence that the radar gun failed or the authorities were out to get you, your chances are likely rather grim. Getting out of a 233-km/h speeding ticket by claiming your car ...