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New Zealand

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    Video: This is what a 1,200-hp twin-turbo 4-rotor looks like in a Miata

    We've seen the diminutive Mazda MX-5 Miata swallow plenty of big engines, but New Zealand drifting ace "Mad Mike" Whiddett is roaring into where-no-man-has-gone-before territory. Wanting to replace his 515-horsepower "MADBUL" RX-7 and its twin-turbocharged, three-rotor 20B engine, his new ride is ...

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    Video: Amazing car crash ad dramatically shows importance of safe driving

    Admit it. We all do it. Tacking on the extra five to 15 kilometres per hour while driving. Speeding, but not really speeding... or "comfortably" speeding as the New Zealand Transport Agency puts it. Hoping to show that exceeding the posted limit – at any speed – is dangerous, the ...

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    Report: NZ woman drives 300 kilometres while asleep [w/Video]

    Most of us have been there. You're on a long drive, on an arrow-straight highway. You started early in the day, and now you're getting to that point that no amount of caffeine, sugar, music or other stimulants will keep you going. Your head nods once. You feel your eyelids start to droop. And ...

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    Video: Red Bull RX-7 goes drift crazy on New Zealand's Crown Range

    For the first time ever, the Crown Range, New Zealand's highest paved road, was closed off for the drifting pleasure of one man. That man is Mad Mike Whiddett, and the machine he's piloting is a heavily modified Mazda RX-7 sponsored by the energy-rich crew from Red Bull and powered by a ...

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    Video: This is how you use a McLaren MP4-12C GT3 to set a lap record at New Zealand's newest track (w/video)

    New Zealand officially has a new international-standard road track. Highlands Motorsport Park is a 4.5 km (2.8-mile) circuit with three complete tracks that can be safely operated at the same time. Designed to serve as a members-only facility, the boots on the ground say this track is likely one ...

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    Video: Hidden car in Australian sea foam storm nearly hits police officers

    A bizarre sea foam storm brought strange chaos to the shores of Queensland, Australia earlier this week. While local residents flocked to pose for "foam party" photos and capture video of the rare occurrence, police were kept busy directing traffic through the dangerous conditions. While you may ...

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    Video: Young sisters crash two cars into each other during underage joyride

    A 12-year-old New Zealand girl's joyride came to a sudden end when she crashed her car into another vehicle being driven by her 14-year-old sister who was out looking for her. Police say they were initially called by a concerned motorist who reported nearly being hit by another driver who could ...

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    Video: Watch these SPCA rescue dogs learning to drive a car

    Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? According to ambitious animal experts at the New Zealand SPCA, you can actually teach a handful of young rescue dogs to drive a MINI Cooper S Countryman... by themselves! The concept behind this publicity stunt video is to draw awareness and change ...

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    Video: This is how to fix your car's dents with a GoPro

    Body shops employ all kinds of sorcery when it comes to correcting crimes against sheetmetal. Their arsenal of tools is wide and varied and almost always includes a massive suction cup or two. You know, just like the powerful GoPro suction mount. A skilled hand can apply the suction cup, give a ...

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    Featured: This cat thinks the Toyota Corolla is to die for

    Cats generally don't like car rides. Cats universally detest veterinarians too. Yet to showcase the die-for-it allure of the Toyota Corolla in New Zealand (which isn't our Corolla but the European Auris), ad house Saatchi and Saatchi asked, "What lengths would a cat go to for a ride if they loved ...