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    Report: Sarah Palin blames speeding ticket on Sammy Hagar

    Rogue or no, Tea Party darling and former Alaskan governor and American vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is still subject to traffic laws. That means when Sammy Hagar's "I Can't Drive 55," comes on the radio, she's still expected to keep a moderate pace, and even her celebrity status isn't ...

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    Video: 911 operator delays response to debate caller about 'carjacking' vs. theft

    An emergency dispatcher in DeKalb, GA is under fire following a 911 call from a good Samaritan that had just witnessed a man rip a woman from her car and take off. In the call, the dispatcher proceeded to argue with the man over whether what he'd just witnessed was a carjacking (a type of robbery ...

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    Video: Man clings to trunk of speeding car on highway

    This sight of a mysterious man clinging to life on the trunk of a speeding car (shown above) might seem strange, but then again so was the video of an Arab man caught texting on the hood of a car on the highway a few months back. Witness Brenda Cruz recorded this bizarre video on her phone upon ...

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    Video: Top 5 worst foods to eat while driving

    It looks like police have issued a new kind of warning against distracted driving. While eating and driving is far from illegal, we're being warned that these top 5 worst foods to eat while driving can take your eyes and attention off the road long enough to cause a crash. Click here to find out ...

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    Video: Police deputy fired after letting drunk pals heckle public in patrol car

    A police officer took a pair of drunken friends on a cruise through a major bar district and made the spectacularly poor decision of handing over his patrol car's PA mic to one of his intoxicated passengers. The incident happened in the early morning hours in Broward County, FL (did you really ...

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    Report: Man ticketed for holding sign warning of DUI checkpoint [w/videos]

    An Ohio man is in trouble with police after attempting to warn drivers of an upcoming drunk-driving checkpoint with a sign that read "DUI checkpoint ahead! Turn now!" Douglas Odolecki took to a street corner in Parma, OH to warn drivers, although police quickly intervened, ticketing him for his ...

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    Video: Wild police chase speeds through busy golf course

    We've seen some crazy, strange and dangerous police chases before (like the teen crashing through a park full of kids), but this golf course car chase is a first here at Autoblog Canada. We'll be sure to add it to this year's list of Top 10 shocking police chase videos, as a man driving a pickup ...

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    Video: Enjoy a look at the World's Fastest Police Fleet in Dubai

    Last year, it seemed like nearly every month there was news of an additional hypercar joining the fleet of the Dubai Police. It was shocking enough when the force showed off its Lamborghini Aventador, but the armada kept growing to include even more exotic vehicles like an Aston Martin One-77 and ...

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    Official: Lamborghini donates Huracán LP 610-4 Polizia supercar to Italian police

    Lamborghini made a big entrance with the Huracán LP 610-4, and now the Italian State Police can, too. The Sant'Agata automaker donated one to Giovanni Law to the replace the Gallardo the authorities have had in service for six years. It will be used to "sustain security on Italian roads" ...

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    Canada: Rob Ford's Escalade impounded, driver charged with impaired driving

    Troubled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford never stops making headlines, even when he's no where to be found. The most recent report from CityNews claims that the Mayor's often spotted Cadillac Escalade has just been impounded by police in Bracebridge, ON. According to police sources, the mayor was not ...