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    Video: RCMP busts Elf on the Shelf drinking and driving in viral holiday awareness campaign

    In a Facebook campaign that has gone viral this holiday season, the RCMP in Newfoundland and Labrador have decided to use the popular Elf on the Shelf to warn against drunk driving this year. The RCMP have posted photos of the famous Elf in a variety of poses, including giving a breathalyzer ...

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    Opinion: Lowering speed limit to 40 km/h in British Columbia? [w/video]

    Over the past year we have been seeing an array of interesting stories appear that revolved around speeding laws in British Columbia, but this latest idea from the BC Union of Municipalities easily trumps them all. BC is already a leader when it comes to ridiculously low speed limits and although ...

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    Report: Saskatchewan driver with no arms enraged over seatbelt ticket, demands apology

    Steven Simonar may have passed you on the highway, and you'd never have known that the driver of the pickup truck in the neighbouring lane had no arms. Simonar has been honing his driving skills sans upper limbs for the last 28 years - and he's never encountered any issues, save for the fact ...

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    Breaking: Underage BC driver gets caught speeding 175 km/h after visiting girlfriend

    Sure lots of us have silly stories that are prompted by being both young and stupid. During the teen years, the hormones are raging and tend to make most of decisions for us. While most of us make it out unscathed, there are some teenagers out there with questionable judgement. A teen in BC is ...

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    Video: Police cruisers caught drag racing to Tim Hortons in Calgary

    The Calgary Police have an interesting case on their hands after this dash-cam video surfaced of two police cruisers allegedly street racing at a traffic light in a blatant attempt to beat one another to the nearby Tim Hortons - how cliché. Although it seems neither Ford Crown Victoria ...

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    Featured: Drunk driving capital of Canada named as Kelowna, BC

    It's safe to say that no city ever wants to be known for most criminal acts of any kind, let alone one that has led to so many preventable deaths. Based on recent Stats Canada numbers, Kelowna, BC leads the nation in drunk driving offences by more than double the national average. To make ...

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    Featured: Lamborghini Aventador owner complains to B.C. police about expensive fine

    It's hard to feel sorry for this 22-year-old driver and his white 2012 Lamborghini Aventador after police pulled him over for a recent violation in Richmond, BC. Officers originally stopped the Lamborghini for a suspected front license plate violation, only to discover the $430,000 super car was ...

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    Breaking: Street Racing Cars Seized by Police in B.C.

    It's hard to believe that street racing continues to be a problem among young drivers in British Columbia, especially given the recent anti-speeding example the RCMP made of the exotic cars and their owners involved in last year's shocking street racing incident. Many of you may recall the ...

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    Alberta man charged with driving at 120 km/h over the limit

    Officers from the Wood Buffalo RCMP detachment in Fort McMurray, Alberta, have laid criminal charges against a 21 year old man for driving at 120 km/h over the posted limit. 21 year old Garnet Bresson was observed travelling on Confederation Way, where the speed limit is 60 km/h, at a speed of ...

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    Video: New Brunswick drivers cheat death on unofficial ice road to save time

    Not only is it hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but New Brunswick officials are discovering that it is hard to convince drivers that saving a bit of time isn't worth risking their lives. Called the Hillbilly Highway by locals, a five kilometer stretch of the Kennebecasis River is turned into ...