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Russian crash video

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    Video: Russian propane truck crashes, explosion happens next to fuel truck

    We've seen some dangerous truck crashes involve everything from cows spilling onto the road to exploding tires causing massive mayhem, but this shocking blast footage of a propane truck explosion on a busy Russian highway sent drivers running for cover. The insane truck crash sent a load of ...

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    Video: Russian wannabe drifter ends up crashing car into wall with no seatbelt

    Some things should be left up to trained professionals, such as stunt driving and attempting to drift a the crappy Lada Samara, which is of course a lame front wheel drive hatchback. The wannabe drift session goes terribly wrong after the half-witted wheel-man ends up crashing head-on into a ...

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    Video: Russian woman passes out on scooter, goes head-on towards truck

    The dangers of driving fatigue are very real, as a number of deadly, yet preventable accidents are often caused by exhausted motorists caught snoozing behind the wheel. This outrageous dash cam video spots "sleeping beauty" nodding off while riding her scooter in Russia, the land where people ...

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    Video: Unexpected crash caused by right turn gone wrong

    We see examples of horrible drivers on a daily basis, but there's no excuse for this newbie's poor performance during a routine right turn. We can only wonder what could have caused this case of driver-error, as the woman behind the wheel of this beige jeep makes the widest right turn we've ever ...

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    Video: Insane near-miss on icy Russian road caught on camera

    Winter driving conditions can get very dangerous, but when some idiot suddenly shows up head-on in your lane... what do you do? This terrifying moment caught on camera lands just icy inches away from total disaster. The real shocking near-miss occurs after a lucky driver narrowly avoids a ...

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    Video: Road Rage in Russian state of Chechnya is no joke

    We see all kinds of unusual videos come out of Russia from strange dash-cam crashes to insane run-away trucks but that doesn't mean you won't find a scene that smashes the bar once again. This video from the Russian state of Chechnya appears like a really busy stretch of roadway is stuffed with ...