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Ryan Tuerck

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    Video: GoPro captures amazing twelve car tandem drift

    It's no secret that we love drifting here at Autoblog Canada. In fact, a few of our editors themselves are deeply involved in the drift scene, so when we spotted this jaw-dropping drift video, it was our obligation to share it with our homies (you guys!). This one takes place at Pat's Acres ...

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    Video: Ryan Tuerck drifting along Oregon Trail could be the hottest stunt video yet

    Ryan Tuerck, pro driver in the Formula Drift series and the star of his own well deserved show, Tuerck'd, has done it again. If you haven't seen any of his hilarious and amazing antics on video yet, get caught up by watching them here and here! In his latest video, we find Tuerck attacking a ...

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    Video: Formula D driver Ryan Tuerck punishing Maxxis Scion FR-S Supra-powered drift car

    With the 2013 Formula Drift Championship season kicking off in Long Beach this weekend, we couldn't think of a better time to share this smoke-filled video of pro drift driver Ryan Tuerck getting sideways in his brand-new Scion FR-S (pictured above). Tuerck will be throwing down some serious ...

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    Video: Ryan Tuerck introduces us to the Ultimate Game of Drift

    Ryan Tuerck has gone and put his own spin on the game of HORSE. Instead of shooting hoops, he and fellow Drift Alliance driver Chris Forsberg recently squared off in a series of drift challenges. Fail a challenge, get one letter of the word DRIFT. First person to spell the whole word loses. The ...

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    Video: Watch Ryan Tuerck's driveway drift session in front of his own house

    Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck is no stranger to getting sideways, as the pro driver is known for giving fans much more than a smoke show. This video catches up with Tuerck hard at work (or hardly working?), as he gives TV host Tim Brodhagen a little taste of what drifting is all about. With ...