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    Featured: Best Animated Cartoon Cars Of All Time

    We love cars here at Autoblog, and we've been inflicted with this particular disease for our entire lives – even back when we were but young little tykes. Like most of you, we have fond memories of plopping ourselves in front of the television to watch Saturday morning cartoons – ...

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    Featured: Top 10 annoying things we hate about new cars

    That's right, today we split hairs, obsess over the little stuff and worry about tempests in teapots. While we admit to all that, we must point out that collectively, we drive a lot of cars here at Autoblog Canada. And since most of our time is spent sitting in the driver's seat, certain things ...

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    Featured: Top 10 most fuel efficient new cars

    Let's face it, most car buyer's in today's consumer conscious crowd are far more interested in hearing fuel economy figures than horsepower numbers when it comes to choosing a new car. With gas prices still on the rise and more drivers on the road these days, several car manufacturers have ...

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    Video: Top 10 Greatest Ford Mustangs according to Jay Leno

    He may be a few months late to the party, but in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang, Jay Leno has delivered a short video in which he runs down which of the Blue Oval's pony cars from the past 50 years are his favourites. The list is pretty darn similar to our own, with some ...

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    Featured: Top 10 best cars you can't buy in Canada

    Here at Autoblog Canada we're usually a pretty patriotic bunch, but when it comes to this list of top 10 awesome cars we simply can't have in Canada, it looks like a case can be built for switching citizenship or at least signing up for some sort of foreign exchange program. Don't get us wrong, ...

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    Featured: Top 10 most extravagant luxury car options

    Although it's safe to say most wealthy people have pretty good lives, it seems there are a few automakers that want to make sure they're never, ever inconvenienced! So they offer lots of pricey options and luxurious over the top features to make sure those who buy expensive cars have back ...

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    Report: Top 10 worst roads are mostly in Toronto according to annual CAA survey

    The annual CAA list of the worst roads in Ontario is back for 2014 and so are some very familiar streets that topped the list last year, as Dufferin Street in Toronto has been voted the worst road in Ontario for the third year in a row! With Toronto already making headlines as the worst city for ...

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    Featured: Editors' Picks: 2014 Best looking new cars

    From an early age, we're taught to never judge a book by its cover. But let's be honest here: looks matter. This is especially true when it comes to cars. Sure, driving dynamics, having the best interior quality and the longest lasting reliability are important attributes. But I guarantee that ...

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    Report: Best and worst cars for passenger safety

    We recently shared the best and worst used car values and the top 10 best and worst cars for rust, but do you know the best (and worst) cars for passenger safety? recently released results of a study that evaluated passenger safety in more than 750 vehicles. The study analyzed ...

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    Featured: Jeremy Clarkson's Top 10 most offensive Top Gear gags

    With all the current controversy swirling around Top Gear host and funnyman Jeremy Clarkson, we wanted to take a fond look back at some of his best (umm.. or worst) moments from the past and let you judge Jezzer's jokes for yourself. While many of us have, for the most part, developed a somewhat ...