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Top Gear

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    Video: Saints Row video sends up Top Gear with motorized, machine-gunned Barcalounger

    As the Grand Theft Auto series has created more lifelike video game worlds for players to experience, the Saints Row franchise has embraced fantasy by letting people pretty much just fly around and completely ignore reality. The latest standalone expansion, Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, further ...

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    Video: Top Gear brings together LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918

    Earlier this month, Top Gear released a brief video of the comparison test between three hybrid hypercars we'd all been waiting for: the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder. The story was done by the print magazine and not by the television show, and the video they released was ...

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    Report: BBC erecting 30-foot tall Stig in Warsaw

    Some say he stands 30 feet (9 metres) tall, and that he took over two months to build out of fiberglass. All we know is, he's called The Stig. That's right, boys and girls – the BBC has commissioned this giant statue of the hot-shoe mascot of the hit show Top Gear, and he's on his way ...

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    Video: Top Gear Series 22 teaser done with Legos

    Top Gear is coming back, and rather than the same blend of controversy and tire-smoking trailers, the British trio have opted for a more humorous approach. Jeremy, Richard and James have been rendered in Lego for TG's latest spot, and things are not going at all well. In fact, the only host that ...

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    Video: Top Gear teases Porsche 918 vs McLaren P1 vs LaFerrari showdown

    It's the comparison test we've been waiting over a year to come together: the hybrid hypercar showdown of the century between the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder and Ferrari LaFerrari. They've each got hybrid powertrains pairing eight or more cylinders with an electric motor to drive around 900 ...

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    Report: James May picks 13 most significant cars ever for London Classic Car Show

    James May tends to be the most pragmatic of the Top Gear UK hosting crew. Jeremy Clarkson obviously likes his vehicles loud, brash and preferably British, and Richard Hammond seems to have a thing for American muscle. May appears to find joy just in the mechanical nature of things, whether high ...

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    Video: Top Gear previews upcoming 22nd season

    Top Gear just aired its controversial Christmas Special filmed in South America, but that's not all the original BBC series has in store for car fans around the world. There's an all-new season of action planned, and while the producers aren't telling us much about it, they have released this ...

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    Video: Top Gear Patagonia Christmas special looks like a good one

    It's been nine months since we've seen a new episode of Top Gear. That's enough time to bring a human being into the world, but with due respect to all the mothers out there (including our own), it seems like the birthing this latest special from everyone's favourite British car show has been ...

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    Report: BBC signs deal for theme park that could have Top Gear attractions

    Paramount Pictures has been working for two years on plans to open a theme park about 45 minutes outside of London, called, would you believe, Paramount London. The corporate entity behind the project, London Resort Company Holdings, has signed a deal with BBC Worldwide that will allow the park ...

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    Official: Top Gear to air Argentina special in December

    The Top Gear crew may have encountered more of an "episode" than they bargained for on their recent trip to Argentina. But before the team had to flee the country under the imminent threat of violence, they apparently got enough footage to put together a TV special, and that special will air in ...