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    Video: An inside look at Mopar's SEMA fleet

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    Featured: SRT pulling Vipers out of Le Mans

    Last year, Chrysler campaigned a pair of SRT Viper GTS-Rs in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It was the first time Auburn Hills had sent a team to the famous French endurance race since 2000, when the Viper ended a three-year winning streak in the GTS class. It finished in 24th and 31st places, woefully ...

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    Detroit: SRT Viper looks venomous in Stryker Green

    Back when the Viper wore the Dodge name, the car had a colour palette that was as ostentatious as its exterior design. After launching the new Viper with relatively mellow colours like red, silver, black and white, SRT has since introduced eye-catching hues like TA Orange and Matte Black. The ...

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    Featured: Vivid Racing SRT Viper cranks up Seibon booth for SEMA 2013

    For over a decade we've seen Vivid Racing in an explosive growth pattern despite many challenges along the way. Sure they were in the midst of a tuner boom during the the first half of the 2000's but aimed to diversify after the downturn in the economy at a time when making car payments became ...

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    Video: Vivid Racing hoons new SRT Viper and sticks V10 on dyno

    Our pals over at Vivid Racing in Arizona have gotten their hands on a SRT Viper GTS and we knew things would happen fast. The first thing to be done when a team acquires a new ride is obvious - vehicular abuse. It's always an excuse for a grotesque display of horsepower and good times. Donuts are ...

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    Featured: Kuno Wittmer talks Le Mans 24h race, SRT Viper and his racing roots

    If you think Canadians are aloof and casual about racing, you might want to rethink that position. Sure the fans may be fickle, but the talent coming out of the country is impressive, be it on home turf, the US or around the world. While we might not have any F1 drivers to our credit, racers like ...

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    Video: Viper GTS-R will have first full season chronicled in new web series

    SRT will be documenting its second season – and first full season – of Viper GTS-R racing in the American Le Mans Series with a new web series called Beyond the Checkered Flag. We don't know much yet, but the team has released a teaser video (below) and promises the series will run ...

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    Video: SRT Viper TA beats Corvette ZR1 record at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

    Just as the Nürburgring goes up for sale, US-built cars running around legendary American tracks start making the news. While this is pure coincidence, we're far more interested in this Motor Trend Ignition video than hearing about the Green Hell's financial woes - it's just plain ...

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    Report: Will Fiat cap performance of 2014 SRT Viper ACR out of fear for Ferrari?

    Motor Trend has got word that an SRT Viper ACR – the acronym for American Club Racing – is headed for a reveal in 2014. However, at the same time as SRT is working to maximize the model's performance, the report says there's an internally imposed performance ceiling on at least one ...

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    Recalls: 2003-04 Dodge Viper recalled for dangerous airbag deployment

    As if driving the old Dodge Viper (not the fancy new SRT model) isn't intimidating or dangerous enough, imagine trying to wrangle that V10 beast and then suddenly having the airbags deploy. Yikes! That's apparently what could happen to some 3,660 Viper models from the 2003 and 2004 model years, ...