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    Detroit: 2015 Volvo S60 Inscription stretches all the way from China to Detroit

    The Volvo S60 is a sedan that puts on different masks. For those who seeking performance, there's the S60 Polestar. Rugged types may be more drawn to the new S60 Cross Country. But those more attracted to luxury will want to scope out the new S60 Inscription. Setting the Inscription apart from ...

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    Video: Automobile Advertising of the Year Award Winners

    There was some absolutely fantastic auto advertising in 2014, ranging from funny to inspiring. Marking the best of it from the past year, the Second Annual One Show Automobile Advertising of the Year Awards were announced during the 2015 Detroit Auto Show (full disclosure: Autoblog was among the ...

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    Detroit: 2015 Volvo S60 Cross Country lifts luxury sedan to new heights

    Typically, lifting a sedan means adding on some sheet metal behind the C-pillar, essentially birthing a crossover. Volvo did not get this memo with its latest S60, and we couldn't be happier about it. Volvo has revived the lifted sedan look with its new S60 Cross Country, which is 2.5 inches (64 ...

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    Detroit: Volvo XC90 R-Design is a sexy looking Swede

    Volvo's latest 2015 XC90 represents a huge shift for the brand with an all-new platform underneath and the latest Drive-E engine family for power. At the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, the brand is showing off its sporty take on the crossover with the R-Design trim. Mechanically, the R-Design carries ...

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    Official: Vehicles awarded IIHS Top Safety Pick awards skyrockets for 2015 [w/video]

    By practically every measure, passenger vehicles in North America are continuing to get safer. With the year rapidly coming to an end, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is releasing its annual list tallying of the scores for the latest vehicles to see how they compare to last year. ...

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    Report: Volvo wants to sell cars online, skip most auto shows

    Volvo is completely rethinking its marketing strategy with an approach that it calls the Volvo Way to Market. The revised plan means an increase in the company's advertising budget overall and a totally different way to allocate those funds. The most dramatic shift is the Swedish automaker's ...

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    Official: Volvo gets to work on new three-cylinder engine

    Volvo is in the midst not only of a complete product line overhaul, but also a powertrain revolution as well. It introduced its new generation of Drive-E four-cylinder engines last year, and with the Twin Engine version in the new XC90, has shown just how much it can make from so little. But now ...

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    Official: Ward's announces 10 Best Engines 2015

    Ward's Auto has named its 10 Best Engines for 2015, covering a range of powerplants from impressive and economic fuel-sippers to amazing and powerful fire-breathers. "We spend a lot of time reading the powertrain tea leaves throughout the auto industry, and we're proud that this year's list is a ...

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    Official: Volvo XC90 T8 hybrid runs 0-100 km/h in 5.9 seconds, will use 4L/100km*

    Volvo has shown us the new XC90. It's even shown us its new every-trick-in-the-book twin-charged hybrid powertrain. It just hasn't shown the two together... that is, until now. Although the High Performance Drive-E Powertrain prototype it showcased a couple of months ago was rated as high as 450 ...

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    Report: Volvo coupe project on hold

    Did you like the Concept Coupe that Volvo unveiled last year? We did, too, but we shouldn't expect it to reach production. At least not yet. According to Volvo designer Anders Gunnarson in speaking to Auto Express, the idea of producing a coupe has many fans within the Swedish automaker, but ...