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acura integra

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    Report: Did Acura just confirm it's working on an Integra successor?

    The Acura Integra (pictured above in Type R trim) was one of the definitive vehicles of the Acura brand in the US, having joined the Legend at the marque's birth here. However, since the retirement of the RSX, the luxury arm of Honda has lacked a compact, sporty coupe to fill that niche. There ...

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    Video: Motorweek goes retro with '80s hot hatch shootout

    Motorweek's decades of history on television make it the perfect medium to look back into the automotive past and see how things are different now. It recently added old road test videos to its YouTube channel of the Acura NSX and Toyota Supra, as well as the Ferrari F40. For one of its newest ...

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    Video: Christmas tree burnout contest helps celebrate the holidays

    With just two days till Christmas, we wanted to spread a little extra holiday cheer... Autoblog style. The holiday season clearly wouldn't be complete without us sharing a ridiculous Christmas tree burnout video we found online. That's right, even the freezing cold temperatures in icy Nebraska ...

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    Video: In-car view of Evans Tuning Acura Integra crashing into the eights

    It must be a week for vehicular sacrifice. We've already seen a Lamborghini Gallardo go up in flames in the quest for the gold at the Targa High Country in Australia, but back here on North American soil, Jeff Evans recently pushed his Acura Integra past the limit at the drag strip to break the ...