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acura nsx

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    Report: Acura NSX is industry's first supercar with a female design lead Michelle Christensen

    Michelle Christensen. Unless you've been casting about the web for some behind-the-scenes takes on recent exotic car launches or were unusually curious during the early days of the sport crossover trend, her name probably means nothing to you. She grew up in Northern California, where her family ...

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    Motorsport: Fernando Alonso wants an Acura NSX, but did Honda block him from Le Mans?

    One of the biggest changes in store for the 2015 Formula One World Championship will see Fernando Alonso moving back to McLaren. That means he'll be driving under Honda power for the first time, after spending the bulk of his career driving for Renault and Ferrari. And being Honda's new poster ...

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    Report: Acura already planning NSX Type R?

    Acura just took the wraps off the production version of its long-awaited new NSX, but rumours are already circulating of an even hotter version to follow. Meeting up at the Detroit Auto Show this week, Auto Express asked the NSX's chief engineer Ted Klaus about the prospect of a Type R version ...

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    Detroit: 2016 Acura NSX grows into its updated styling for the 2015 Detroit Auto Show

    It's not immediately clear at first glance, but the Acura NSX as it appears on the floor at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show is a far cry from the concept from the 2013 show. These days, the NSX packs a twin-turbo, longitudinally mounted V6 with over 550 horsepower on tap and nine-speed dual-clutch ...

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    Featured: 2016 Acura NSX: Everything there is to know

    The road to supercar stardom is littered with missteps. For every slam-dunk like the McLaren F1 ad Ferrari F40, there are contenders that never quite reach their full potential – think Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and Jaguar XJ220. Fear of building a mediocre halo car is why automakers take ...

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    Featured: Most highly anticipated new cars of 2015

    Now that 2014 is officially in the books, it's time to look ahead. And following our list of the cars we liked best last year, we're now setting our sights at the hot new metal that's coming our way in 2015. Some of these, we've already seen. And some are still set to debut during the 2015 auto ...

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    Featured: Why the 2015 Detroit Auto Show will be the best since The Crisis

    Five Reveals That Will Have Peformance Freaks Drooling The Detroit Auto Show clearly has its swagger back, and the 2015 edition will be a veritable feast for the enthusiast senses. We're talking serious performance, and it will be exhibited in a variety of forms. Sports cars. Supercars. ...

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    Teased: Acura NSX coming to Detroit, the wait is almost over [w/video]

    Turbo Engines, New Pilot And Ridgeline Round Out "The Year Of Honda Finally. After spending years rounding three bases in the development of the second coming of the Acura NSX, we can espy home base just beyond the turn of the year. Here is your first teaser image for the profoundly anticipated ...

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    Official: Honda UK closes pre-order books on NSX, opens for Civic Type R

    Most of us would probably deliberate pretty carefully before buying a new car – do a little research, read the reviews, take it for a test drive, compare it to the competition. But that's not everyone. Some buyers will order a new car sight unseen. Some will even place their order – ...

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    Spy Shots: Acura NSX prototype gets back on track

    Developing a new vehicle is not without its complications, we're sure, but usually things follow a fairly predictable progression: you develop a prototype, you test it, test it and test it again, then you put it into production. What you don't expect is that your prototype will burn to the ...