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acura rsx

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    Report: Did Acura just confirm it's working on an Integra successor?

    The Acura Integra (pictured above in Type R trim) was one of the definitive vehicles of the Acura brand in the US, having joined the Legend at the marque's birth here. However, since the retirement of the RSX, the luxury arm of Honda has lacked a compact, sporty coupe to fill that niche. There ...

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    Exclusive: Honda says we shouldn't expect any new sports cars?

    It wasn't so long ago that Honda was known for its sporty two-door models, with models ranging from the Civic del Sol to the Prelude and from the Acura Integra and RSX to the Honda S2000. But look at its range today and all you'll see are the Civic and Accord coupes. Honda has essentially let ...

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    Acura preparing Civic-based RSX sedan?

    The Civic has long been a big volume model for Honda. But while it has grown in size and standards of accommodation over the years, us Canadian buyers are the only ones in the world who can get our hands on an Acura version, in the name of the CSX. The CSX was preceded by the EL, also based on ...

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    Report: DDR launches McLaren F1-influenced Miami GT with Acura RSX or Chevy Corvette power

    The guys at DDR Motorsport have put their brand-new Miami GT kits on the market. The kits all sell for right around $20 grand, and can be set up to accept the four pot from either an Acura RSX or Toyota MR2 in Sport Prototype 4 form, or the LS Series small block from the Chevrolet Corvette in ...

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    Online Find of the Day: K20-powered Honda Insight recalls old school CRX

    We miss the first-generation Honda Insight. The aluminum-bodied hybrid represented a no-holds barred quest for fuel efficiency with innovative weight saving techniques, an aerodynamic design and a tiny 1.0-litre gasoline burner. As a result, the two-door garnered an sub-5 L/100km fuel economy. ...

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    Report: Acura planning RSX successor?

    Good news, Hondaphiles: Acura may be planning a return to the sports car game. According to Motor Trend, the Japanese automaker has plans to add up to three new performance-oriented models to its lineup over the next few years. While that includes a spiritual successor to the NSX, it may also ...