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    Official: Hyundai Blue Link Android smartwatch app will start your car

    We knew Hyundai would be bringing its Blue Link smartwatch app to the Consumer Electronics Show, and now that CES is upon us, the app's workings have been revealed. Once you get the free Blue Link app on your smartphone and your Android smartwatch and pair them up with the app, it's all systems ...

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    Report: Google developing car-specific Android operating system

    The automotive world is rapidly leaping into the next generation of infotainment systems. We already know that the CarPlay from Apple and Sync 3 from Ford are on the way. Even Microsoft has something up its sleeve. Google showed off its future concept for Android Auto earlier this year and ...

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    Video: Google shows off its Android Auto system

    Cars fitted with the Apple CarPlay system should be in dealerships next year, available as a delayed option on the 2015 Hyundai Sonata and eventually expected to be available on Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari vehicles. Google isn't that far behind with its Android Auto, and after Hyundai showed ...

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    Featured: 12 Instagram accounts we love

    And You Will, Too Photographing a car seems deceptively simple. See car, take photo. But anyone who has ever attempted to convey what a car stirs in the enthusiast heart using hashtags knows it is not that easy. A car's personality can change from every angle. Lighting and background is ...

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    Video: What is Android Auto?

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    Official: Automakers teaming with Google to bring Android to cars this year

    Remember how we mentioned that Hyundai would be offering a BlueLink infotainment app for Google Glass? And how last week, we told you about a rumoured partnership between Audi and Google? Well, both of these things were just part of a much bigger deal. Google has teamed up with Audi, General ...

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    Report: Audi, Google readying infotainment partnership announcement for CES?

    The merging of our smart phones and automotive infotainment systems may be about to get an even bigger boost, if a report from Forbes is to be believed. The business publication is reporting that Google and Audi may announce a partnership at next week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that ...

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    Video: Hudway turns your iOS device into awesome heads-up display

    Smartphones can enhance driving by acting as GPS systems, but Hudway takes the concept to the next level with its new app, which turns any device running iOS (and in February 2014, Android) into a heads-up display that can be viewed on your windshield in low-visibility and low-light ...

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    Video: Angry Birds Go! might be your next mobile gaming fix

    As far as wildly popular mobile games go, Angry Birds! is right up there, being a staple on millions of cellphones around the world. The Rovio-developed series has already explored the seasons, Rio, space and even the Star Wars universe (twice, actually). All of those games have involved little ...

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    Featured: Canadian Tire launches iPad app to help schedule the car lifecycle [w/video]

    In an attempt to stand out from the numerous useless retailer apps currently on the market, Canadian Tire has just launched a new iPad app aimed directly at drivers from gearheads to general commuters across the country. Aside from the typical online catalogue, flyers and store locator, the new ...