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armored car

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    Frankfurt: BMW shows up-armoured X5 concept and we can't get near it

    BMW has brought a slightly different concept vehicle to the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. Rather than something that foreshadows a future product or a new design direction, the Munich-based manufacturer has brought an X5 that's designed to be shot at. It's called the Concept X5 Security Plus. The ...

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    Report: Cadillac to vie for Secret Service armoured car contract, new Beast?

    President Obama has used the same armoured limo since his inauguration in 2008. Known by many as The Beast, the Presidential Limo was provided by Cadillac and earned its nickname in large part because of its massive size, which isn't surprising considering that its Caddy-shaped bodywork is said ...

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    Matt Farah of the Smoking Tire gets shot at inside bulletproof Mercedes-Benz S600

    Combining firearms and cars almost always leads to good video, and this is no exception. In this quick clip taken from the upcoming Super Speeders DVD we get to see just how bulletproof a Mercedes-Benz S600 armoured car really is. In most cases you would expect a bunch of high speed cameras and ...

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    Video: Syrian rebels show off their inner A-Team with homemade tank

    Going up against an organized military must be quite a challenge, but Syrian rebels have used a little ingenuity to give themselves a fighting chance in the country's civil war. Judging by the fact that the uprising has lasted for more than a year now, the fighters definitely have skills in ...

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    Report: Bentley pondering foray into the armoured car business

    In a move that makes us say, "Well... of course," The Guardian reports that Bentley is contemplating the creation of a division that would build "armour-plated" versions of its cars. The competitors in mass-market luxury and premium luxury already have such divisions – BMW just announced ...

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    Featured: Manitoba bans personal use of armoured vehicles

    Look out all you gangsta wannabe's, the Manitoba authorities are gonna jack your ride! Beneath the culture that most of us live within lurks a somewhat darker segment of society. The segment of society that crime shows on television just touches on, where reality TV dare not go. Within that ...

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    Japan's not-so-armoured car services and how they move money

    They do things a little differently in Japan. Now that we've qualified for the Understatement Of The Year award, allow us to elaborate. Here in Canada, banks rely on privately-contracted security services to move large quantities of money from one secure location to another. These armed guards ...

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    FPS Russia takes an armored troop carrier through a drive thru

    Internet and YouTube phenom FPS Russia – no, he's not really Russian and yes, his accent, though amusing, is fake – tends to go a little bit overboard at times. He loves guns and blowing things up, and the bigger the boom it makes, the better. So, when it came time to take a little ...

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    VW will happily sell you an armoured last-gen Jetta... in Mexico

    Personal protection is a big deal south of the border, and the people of Mexico reportedly spend upwards of $80 million per year on armored vehicles. When we think of armored cars, we tend to think about Chevy Tahoes and Ford Expeditions, but Volkswagen has for years offered a smaller, slightly ...

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    Land Rover Discovery 4 Armoured perfect for rough terrain, neighborhoods

    Land Rover Discovery 4 Armoured – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Why do people buy SUVs? Some do it for the cargo and passenger capacities. Some buy 'em because they like to sit high. But some buy sport-utes because, even though the most off-road action they'll ever see is a muddy ...