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armoured car

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    Featured: INKAS Armored builds first bulletproof Mercedes-Benz G63 Limousine in Toronto

    When it comes to security and protection inside your vehicle, the team at INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing takes it far beyond common car alarms and petty car theft, as the Toronto-based company is known for creating highly advanced and fully customized bulletproof vehicles like the ...

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    Report: Bentley pondering foray into the armoured car business

    In a move that makes us say, "Well... of course," The Guardian reports that Bentley is contemplating the creation of a division that would build "armour-plated" versions of its cars. The competitors in mass-market luxury and premium luxury already have such divisions – BMW just announced ...

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    Featured: Manitoba bans personal use of armoured vehicles

    Look out all you gangsta wannabe's, the Manitoba authorities are gonna jack your ride! Beneath the culture that most of us live within lurks a somewhat darker segment of society. The segment of society that crime shows on television just touches on, where reality TV dare not go. Within that ...

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    Japan's not-so-armoured car services and how they move money

    They do things a little differently in Japan. Now that we've qualified for the Understatement Of The Year award, allow us to elaborate. Here in Canada, banks rely on privately-contracted security services to move large quantities of money from one secure location to another. These armed guards ...