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autonomous cars

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    Featured: Autoblog readers come clean with their own controversial automotive beliefs

    You Shared Your Unpopular Opinions And We Respond A couple weeks back, the editors here at Autoblog sounded off with some of our own unpopular automotive opinions, voicing the controversial sentiments for which we often catch flak from other enthusiasts upon expression. Along with our own, we ...

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    Video: Will the law allow self-driving cars?

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    Report: Toyota engineer warns automous cars could increase fuel use, urban sprawl

    An increasing number of people are starting to consider the potential downsides of a transition to autonomous cars. The FBI is already looking at them for the potential ill effects on law enforcement, and a scientist for Toyota is raising the possibility that driverless vehicles could actually be ...

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    Video: Learn how to parallel park in any tight spot like a pro

    There are some basics every driver needs to know and parallel parking your car is at the top of that list. While properly parking in a tight spot may sound like a simple challenge for any avid auto enthusiast (us included), it remains a cause of shame for a lot of new drivers out there. If you ...

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    Report: Google shacking up with Continental on self-driving cars

    Google, well known tester of self-driving cars, may have just come one step closer to making its sci-fi tech a widely realistic proposition. Along with IBM, it's inked a deal with tier one supplier Continental, according to Reuters. The official announcement is set to be made during September's ...

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    Report: Google invests US$250M in Uber ride-share service

    The number of people who haven't yet heard of the transportation/technology startup Uber is shrinking by the minute. Uber produces a mobile application that is used to connect passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire, typically luxury vehicles – kind of a high-tech, high-zoot taxi ...

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    Report: UK to begin testing driverless cars in bid to ease congestion

    Google, Stanford University, and a few other institutions have been testing driverless cars on North American roads for some time now. Soon, though, the autonomous vehicle will go across the pond for their first tests on the wrong side of public roads. The BBC reports that the British government ...

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    Report: US Feds ironing out rules for autonomous cars

    With the increasing development of autonomous vehicles, and even some states issuing licenses for self-driving cars, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (our Transport Canada) decided it was high time to lay out a set of rules for these advanced vehicles. According to a Detroit ...