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bentley continental supersports

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    Featured: LA-to-Vegas road trip driving over 1,700 horsepower of exotics

    No one will question that 1,763 horsepower can provide a lot of thrust. That could easily push around 15 econoboxes or 10 family sedans by current standards but what if we told you that was the gross power figure generated by only three cars? Well then, the figure becomes far more interesting and ...

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    Report: New Bentley Supersports coming in 2014

    A report in Autocar says the next Bentley Continental Supersports will be ready for retail duty in 2014. If true, the coupe is meant to follow the same formula as the first generation, which means weight loss, honed reflexes and "improving braking power," that last one an eyebrow raiser because ...

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    Review: Top 10 supercar reviews of 2012

    The hectic life of an automotive journalist sure ain't easy, but we can't complain about getting the keys to many of the world's most exotic supercars. When it comes to picking personal favourites, it's often as hard as asking a parent to choose the child they love most. From our road trip in a ...

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    Rumormill: Bentley to bring new Continental Supersports to Geneva?

    2012 Bentley Continental GT
    The first generation of Bentley's Continental range spawned as many variants as its engine has cylinders. Over seven years of production, they including the GT coupe, the GTC convertible and the Flying Spur sedan, in three levels of engine output (standard, Speed and ...

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    First Drive: Bentley Continental Supersports is a lighter shade of awesome

    In the superluxe world, we're used to this maneuver: add a few horsepower, shave a tenth or two, sew in a few extra threads, name your exclusive new interior color something like "Algerian Beet" and voilà, a 50-percent price premium for three-percent more car. On the surface, the Bentley ...