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    Video: Bizarre biker stunt at pool party in Brazil makes macho rainbow

    If watching our top 10 most epic motorcycle fails has taught us anything, it's that motorcycle stunts can often cause injury and rarely go right. But much like the dangerous bikini-clad stunt girl video, it looks like these pool partying bikers in Brazil are throwing all caution to the wind in ...

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    Video: Ottawa motorcyclists busted by police face 229 demerit points and $20,000 in fines

    Dangerous driving can get you in a lot of trouble, but videotaping your reckless road antics can land you in some serious hot water with police. Huge fines, licence suspensions and jail time are all part of the risk when you decide to show off and foolishly post videos like this Yamaha R6 rider ...

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    Followup: Undercover cops were inside road rage biker gang, injured rider lawyers-up [UPDATE]

    Just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder, the Range Rover road rage incident takes a few more bizarre twists along the way. It has been uncovered that undercover New York City police officers were embedded inside the biker gang that attacked 33 year old Alexian Lien on Sunday September ...

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    Video: Outta control car crash knocks 13 motorcycles down like dominoes

    We've seen some crazy car crashes before, (like the $700,000 worth of damage done at a Texas Hyundai dealership), but this unlucky driver in Brazil left a trail of dominoe-like destruction sure to upset over a dozen bikers parked on the street. After destroying 13 motorbikes and hitting another ...

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    Video: Speeding biker crashes into black bear on British Columbia highway

    After watching a motorcycle rider battle it out with an aggressive ram on a mountain pass and the recent story of a biker being chased by angry Grey wolf, it seems the animal kingdom has developed a strong taste towards dueling with motorcycle riders everywhere. This video captures a sudden ...

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    Video: Bare-breasted woman's motorcycle crash caught on cop dashcam

    We've said it before, we'll say it now: it's not that stranger things are happening now, it's just that the interwebz allow us to spread them to the world at the speed of fibre optic light. The latest incident captured on America's version of the Russian dash-cam, which is the policeman's ...

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    Video: Crazy motorcycle rider speeds through traffic in Brazil, calling out other drivers

    We recently reported on three Canadian cities being listed as the top 5 worst places for traffic in North America, but what about the global gridlock drivers experience in other countries like Brazil? Well, according to this video footage at least one brave, but reckless Brazillian motorcycle ...

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    Video: Speeding biker crashes into semi-truck motorcycle sandwich

    After watching two speeding bikers run into a Mercedes-Benz, a lucky man survive an amazing high speed motorcycle crash, and counting down the Top 10 most epic motorcycle fails, we proudly present the latest clown to crash on two-wheels. This video shows a motorcycle rider aggressively weaving ...

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    Video: Russian Motorcyclist rammed by road raging driver on highway

    As we all know, Russian dashcams have captured some pretty scary stuff in the past few years. From cows mating, to meteorites crashing and even road rage events involving firearms; you name it, it's probably caught on dashcam and happened in Russia. This next video shows a scary moment for a ...

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    Video: Watch this strange biker surprise us all

    For the past half century or so, Harley-Davidson has for the most part, been synonymous with bad-ass biker dudes and a bad-ass lifestyle. In recent years, it's either been the hardcore motorcycle riders or the young and restless with money to burn. The prestige of owning a Harley-Davidson is ...