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bmw art car

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    Video: How to make art prints with your BMW M6

    Matt Mullins has done everything from stunts in movies to driving with the United States secret service, but the BMW Performance Driving School chief instructor has never done this before. "This" in this case is creating postcards using a BMW M6 as the printing press. A pressurized ink system ...

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    Featured: Iconic Rauschenberg BMW 635 CSi Art Car unveiled at Art Toronto event

    While the main reason for owning a car may be to serve as basic transportation, there are a select group of cars that get to live life as automotive works of art. As these images suggest, the 1986 BMW 635 CSi before you is clearly no ordinary car. As part of the creative BMW Art Car Collection, ...

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    Video: Tour BMW's Amazing Art Car collection

    The last time we heard from EVO magazine's Henry Catchpole he was drifting a Caterham Supersports through the snow up the side of a French mountain. There's more to the Scotsman than mad antics, it seems. After studying philosophy and art history, the final hurdle to getting his degree was ...

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    Frank Stella's BMW M1 art car finds a new home in the Hamptons

    Art cars are growing in popularity, with a number of automakers and their subsidiaries getting on board the trend. But BMW is where it all started. The German automaker has been at it since 1975. A good blogger's dozen of them have been commissioned for BMW over the years, and every one of them ...

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    BMW opens Art Car collection to the public with virtual gallery [w/video]

    Nobody does Art Cars quite like BMW. Others try, from time to time, sure. But over the past 40 years, the Bavarian automaker has collaborated with world-renowned artists to create no fewer than 17 unique art cars, each a work of art in its own right. One of the things we love the most about ...