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bob lutz

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    Report: Bob Lutz builds the case for a mid-engined Corvette

    Rumours of a mid-engine Corvette are like automotive industry folklore at this point. Every once in a while, news pops up that it might be happening or is under development, but nothing actually ever comes to fruition as something people can actually buy. The latest spy shots strongly suggest a ...

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    Detroit: Ford GT, Buick Avenir and Audi Q7 take 2015 EyesOn Design awards

    The annual EyesOn Design Awards at the Detroit Auto Show allows some of the greatest designers in the world to weigh in on the best production and concept debuts at the big event each year. For 2015, the large panel of judges included luminaries like Frank Stephenson of McLaren, Ralph Gilles from ...

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    Report: Bob Lutz predicts Fisker-based VL Destino will world's fastest sedan [w/video]

    Ever look at an EV or a dedicated hybrid and wonder what it'd be like with a conventional, high-output V8 under the hood instead of all those batteries and circuit boards? Bob Lutz and Gilbert Villareal did when it came to the Fisker Karma. The result is the Destino from VL Automotive – a ...

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    Official: Fisker Karma gets Corvette V8, ZL1 supercharged boost as the Destino

    Each and every year at the Detroit Auto Show, we are bombarded with an array of the best hardware the automotive world has to offer. From stunning concepts to the new models that are being seen in production form for the first time, making all kinds of trouble to try and select your favourite car ...

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    Report: Henrik Fisker bidding with Hong Kong tycoon to get his company back

    Struggling to save Fisker Automotive from the of talons of bankruptcy, Henrik Fisker has teamed up with Hong Kong billionaire Richard Li to offer to purchase the company's outstanding U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) advanced vehicles loan for just a fraction of its US$171 million balance (the ...

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    Report: Fisker-based Destino V8 still in the works, hundreds of Karma owners seek conversion

    Wards Auto reports the VL Productions Destino is still moving forward. As you may recall, that machine takes a Fisker Karma hybrid, guts the drivetrain and replaces it with a honking 556 horsepower V8 from General Motors. Bob Lutz, while speaking with Wards, confirmed that VL Productions had ...

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    Featured: Bob Lutz pokes fun at Ed Whitacre's GM memoir

    Any time Bob Lutz gets hired on for a gig putting pen to paper, we're for it. Case in hilarious point is this book review Lutz has penned for the readers of Forbes, wherein Maximum Bob gives good quote after good quote about Ed Whitacre's American Turnaround. Whitacre's book, you'll remember, ...

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    Detroit: Cadillac ELR, Nissan Resonance and Ford Atlas win Eyes on Design awards

    This year's annual Eyes on Design awards were presented at the end of press days for the Detroit Auto Show on Tuesday. Given out for the best production and concept car designs that debuted at the show, and voted on by an esteemed panel of actual car designers, this year's award for best ...

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    Detroit: Corvette ZR1-powered Fisker Karma debuts in Detroit

    There's nothing wrong with the Fisker Karma that a honkin' Chevy V8 engine won't fix. At least according to Bob Lutz, it seems. Called the VL Automotive Destino, this machine is the brainchild of industrialist Gilbert Villereal and the aforementioned Lutz, and is intended to compete with such ...

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    Official: Via Motors promises three EV debuts in Detroit

    Via Motors will descend on the 2013 Detroit Auto Show with three new full-size electric vehicles. Company spokesperson Bob Lutz will pull the sheets back on each of the extended-range EVs personally, including an 800-horsepower, four-wheel-drive pickup truck, a luxury four-wheel-drive SUV and ...