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car chase

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    Video: Police shoot at speeding minivan mom and 5 kids in wild car chase battle

    If you thought the sudden shootout car chase between a driver and police last week was weird, you won't believe this report of officers opening fire at a mom and five kids speeding off in a wild minivan car chase. According to the reports, what started as a routine traffic stop for speeding in ...

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    Video: Motorcycle rider gets chased down highway by super angry elk

    Riding a motorcycle requires a level of skill and concentration, but riding a motorcycle while being chased by a wild wolf in BC, battling a relentless ram on a mountain pass or in this latest video... out running a super angry elk takes things to an all new level. The incredible video of this ...

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    Video: GTA V-style road rage chase ends with a surprise ambush

    We've seen some wild Canadian road rage bouts over the years, especially from this repeat offender in Edmonton, but clearly, if you want to live out some real crazy video game inspired beat-downs, you should head off to Eastern Europe. In this nearly seven minute long clip we see a Subaru WRX STI ...

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    Video: Top 10 movie car chase scenes

    The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) officially kicks off tomorrow with its annual line-up of VIP events and movie screenings running September 5-15, including the Ron Howard racing film Rush. With all the media coverage, celebrity sightings and movie madness already in full swing, we ...

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    Video: Another R/C movie car chase mini movie, but this one's really an advert

    When a video touts itself as "probably the greatest hollywood-style RC action movie car chase ever," (sic) you should set yourself up for disappointment. That's not to say that this joint effort, a clearly well-funded partnership between LA Muscle Sports Supplements and Fast & Furious 6, ...

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    Video: New Die Hard movie wrecked 132 cars in $11 million chase scene [w/video]

    Yippee ki-yay mother Russia! It would seem the act of dying hard brings with it lots of wanton destruction of the four-wheeled kind. According to John Moore, director of A Good Day To Die Hard, starring Bruce Willis, "There were 132 (cars) that could never be used again. Another 518 required a ...

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    Video: McLaren P1 prototype spotted and chased by Ferrari 458 Spyder

    Imagine you're cruising around the countryside in your topless Ferrari 458 Italia when all of a sudden you see and hear this McLaren P1 prototype roll past. What do you do? Continue on your merry way, or do you give chase? As with all of us in the room, this lucky onlooker busted out his camera ...

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    Video: Unbelievable road rage attack leads to frightful car chase

    In a bizarre turn of events a defenceless motorist feared for his life during an allegedly unprovoked road rage attack in Australia. Video evidence of the unexplained and violent attack has gone viral since being broadcast on the news program Today Tonight, as reporters focused on the mysterious ...

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    Video: Need For Speed Most Wanted launches live action car chase video

    The legendary Need For Speed franchise has built a strong reputation for tire smoking, police evading, exotic car action and luckily... some things never change! This awesome live action trailer is in honour of the forthcoming Need For Speed Most Wanted, scheduled to hit shelves later this month ...

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    Video: Watch The Greatest R/C Car Chase Ever

    What's the recipe for a great automotive chase scene? Well, first you need to have cars – cool cars, fast cars or classic cars, preferably, along with some machines to actually... well, give chase. Police cars work well, naturally, and they better be fast enough to keep up. Throw in some ...