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    Study: The truth behind sharing your driving data for cheaper car insurance

    Interested in savings as much as 30 per cent off your current car insurance premium? Safe drivers can do so, if they're willing to share their personal driving data. A new study says motorists are growing more comfortable sharing their driving data in order to earn steep discounts on auto ...

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    Featured: From crash to aftermath: What to do when you get in a car accident?

    Accidents happen, and as we all know... so must car insurance claims. The ebb and flow of traffic lends itself to many unfortunate scenarios and even the safest drivers can find themselves victims of an automobile accident or caught in a crash. So, what now? How can you be sure you'll avoid any ...

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    Featured: Meet the world's most expensive cars to insure

    Everyone has a dream car, from high horsepower exotics to a rare race cars. But what few of us really think about (in addition to costly maintenance and parts) is that in order to enjoy owning an exclusive exotic, you need to cough up a big chunk of cash for auto insurance. Just how much, you ...

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    Canada: Hagerty Insurance gathers classic cars for manual driving school

    We know what you're thinking, what on earth is a 'manual driving' event? Well, since the manual transmission seems to be rapidly going the way of VHS technology, Hagerty decided to round up a wide range of classics equipped with a proper transmission with a clutch and a stick. The aim was to pay ...

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    Featured: Top 10 myths about car insurance

    Car insurance is a major expense facing many Canadian drivers and because it's mandatory, it's also a costly service you really can't live without. Although the ways insurance companies set rates and calculate premiums directly affects consumers across the country, it seems many Canadian drivers ...

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    Report: One Million Moms says Geico car insurance ad promotes bestiality [w/video]

    The last time the group One Million Moms got upset about a commercial promoting bestiality was seven months ago. The offensive ad that time was a Skittles commercial that began and ended with a girl making out with a CGI walrus. Just in case you didn't get that, a real live human girl was making ...

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    Poll: Skateboarding fines lead to auto insurance cancellation for Halifax man

    Wheeled-surfers ought to wear a lid - lest they lose their car insurance. A young skateboarder from Halifax recently learned this lesson the hard way, after collecting two tickets from Halifax Regional Police and then receiving an unsavory phone call. Ironically, Pat Harland expected to receive ...

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    Followup: Even more images of the airport full of 15,000 flood-damaged Sandy cars

    The damage from a major natural disaster can be harrowing – loss to life and limb combined with property damage, environmental, economic and psychological impact make picking up the pieces difficult. But long after the crisis ebbs, the damage lingers, becoming ever more pernicious and ...

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    Official: Are auto insurance rates based on a person's sex discriminatory?

    The European Union's Gender Directive is officially in effect. Last year, the EU Court of Justice ruled that "differences in insurance pricing based purely on a person's sex are discriminatory." That means that insurance companies can't factor gender into their premium tables, so as of December ...

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    Report: One Thing You Should Never Say Following A Car Accident

    Being involved in a car crash is a traumatic experience and the confusing few minutes following the incident are critical to protecting yourself, your driving record and your insurance rates. How you handle the situation could lead to a more expensive mistake. After any collision, driver's often ...