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    Video: Audi kicks off A3 celebrity-fest marketing campaign with Dues

    Audi is desperate to appeal to young people with its new 2015 A3 sedan. It's planning launch parties around the country to present the new model to these younger buyers, and its latest tactic is a series of videos starring celebrities the company considers trailblazers to further captivate ...

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    Featured: Top 10 celebrity car commercials

    Celebrity endorsement and product placement are nothing new to the automotive world, but do they actually work and convert into more car sales? Regardless if they do (or don't), there's no shortage of funny car commercials starring some of our favourite celebs and famous faces when you're in need ...

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    Video: Top 5 Most Expensive Celebrity Cars of 2012

    Hollywood celebrities are known for driving some of the hottest and sometimes most ridiculous six-figure exotics. From Justin Bieber's chromed-out Fisker Karma to Tyga's "gold covered" Audi R8, these superstars seem to enjoy spending big bucks on their fast cars in 2012. Check out the recent ...

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    Featured: Steven Tyler of Aerosmith shows off his 1,244 hp Venom at SEMA 2012

    At SEMA we sometimes get to see things that we can only dream about. We also see cars that we wish we would have never seen. But here at Autoblog Canada, we care about the cars that are worth caring about. A custom Prius is not something we want to look at when go to the world's largest ...