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    Video: Xcar shows how to drive the Ford Model T

    A few weeks ago Xcar posted a teaser review of the Ford Model T, a look at what the British duo would have been doing if they'd been doing their thing for 100 years. Now we have their complete, 12-minute take on the what might be, as they say, "arguably the most important car of the 20th ...

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    Video: MotorWeek looks back at the 1986.5 VW Scirocco 16V

    It's back to the past with MotorWeek for a video dive into the 1986.5 Volkswagen Scirocco 16V, the coupe that carried the pennant for VW's performance aspirations for 15 years, from 1974 to 1989. This one, the last generation, got the hottest of all by adding a head with four valves per ...

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    Video: Drive covers the ups and downs of the Ferrari Testarossa

    We don't know how we got here, but it's apparently Ferrari Testarossa season. Not even 90 days ago, Evo bossman Harry Metcalfe preached an ode to the eightiest Eighties exotic there ever was ("exotic," as opposed to supercars like the Ferrari F40 or Porsche 959). Only weeks ago, one of the white ...

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    Report: Zagato rarities on display at Italian auto museum to mark 95th anniversary

    This year Zagato celebrates its 95th anniversary, and to mark the occasion, Italy's national automotive museum has opened a special display dedicated to the famous Milanese design house. Holding court on the ground floor of the Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile, dedicated to the memory of former ...

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    Video: These 1987 Chicago Auto Show highlights are terrible, yet oddly priceless

    Since no one seems to want to follow my advice and erase all memory of the 1980s, every so often, I stumble upon something like this – a video showing the "highlights" of the 1987 Chicago Auto Show. And it's terrible. Yet oddly priceless. This video shows off the very worst of compact cars ...

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    Report: Jay Leno's new CNBC series will indeed be TV show about cars [w/video]

    Last we heard, Jay Leno was almost ready to sign a deal with CNBC to get back on television regularly for the first time since he left The Tonight Show. Well, it's official, and with the ink on the contract barely dry, we're getting some new details about Leno's upcoming car show. Tentatively ...

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    Auctions: 11 vehicles from Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas worth watching

    This weekend will see the world's collector car crowds descend on Las Vegas, NV for one of the biggest shows on Barrett-Jackson's popular auction circuit. There are hundreds of vehicles up for bidding, ranging from a brand-new Lamborghini Aventador to a spattering of Art Deco classics and a huge ...

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    Video: The sunniest Ferrari collection you've ever seen, shot for Forza mag

    There's a stable of about 40 beautiful prancing horses hiding in a Tennessee garage. These thoroughbreds aren't out to win the next Triple Crown, though. Instead, this is one of the best collections of Ferraris in the world where you would probably least expect it. Photographer and auto ...

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    Video: Car Magazine samples all-new Eagle Low-Drag GT Coupe

    We really like the idea of resto-modding: taking something old, fitting modern components and accouterments and putting it back on the road. It's the single best way to preserve classic designs for future generations while making sure that the horrible, antiquated driving experiences aren't there ...

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    Official: Classic metal may make new Forza 5 pack our favourite ever [w/video]

    We're usually pretty enthused every time Turn 10 Studios unveils another of its monthly car packs for Forza Motorsport 5. It means we'll have an entirely new batch of vehicles to play with when the work day finally ends, whether that means we race, tune, style or simply crash them. This latest ...