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    Featured: 2014 Chevrolet SS: The American Forbidden Fruit Canadians may never taste

    Not including the women and men who built it, the 2014 Chevrolet SS has only been seen in person by a small number of people – fewer humans than would fill the gymnasium at a high school volleyball game. Not including the men and women who built it, no one has driven it. Even so, it is ...

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    Confirmed: 2014 Chevrolet SS brings Aussie flair to North America

    Many Canadians were happy to see Holden, GM's Australian car division, bring rear wheel drive power into Canada in the form of the Pontiac G8. Of course, Pontiac is now defunct and GM's Chevrolet Impala is no performance car by any stretch. It's refreshing news, then, that the Holden-based 2014 ...

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    Official: Chevrolet SS previewed by Holden VF Commodore SS V show car

    It won't be long before we see the official, production-ready Chevrolet SS sedan (hint: it will be revealed this weekend). And to tide us over until all of the official details are released about the NA-spec version, we have this: the Holden VF Commodore SS V show car, a performance-oriented ...

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    Featured: Holden's new Commodore ready to go racing in V8 Supercars [w/video]

    This is the new Holden Commodore dressed up for duty as a V8 Supercar. Revealed two days after the VF sedan broke cover, the Holden Racing Team unleashed the racing version on Facebook and YouTube (click the image above to enlarge). This one does away with the black and gold introductory livery ...

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    Report: Holden Commodore to live beyond 2016

    "There is another Commodore coming after this one," said Holden Chairman and Managing Director Mike Devereux while giving Australian press a preview of the 2014 VF Commodore, which is set to launch February 10th. It was a pretty effective way to de-emphasize the brand-new car, judging by the ...

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    Report: Daytona 500 debut set for Chevrolet SS/next-gen Holden Commodore

    You can mark this date on your calendar as VF Day: February 21, 2013. That's the date of the Daytona 500, and depending on which side of the equator you call home it will also mark the introduction of the Chevrolet SS Performance or Holden VF Commodore. Australia newspaper The Age said that when ...

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    Confirmed: Holden announces export of RWD Commodore will be sold as Chevy SS in North America

    Calling it "Holden's worst kept secret," a report in Australia's Drive indicates that the General Motors antipodean brand will announce "very soon" that it will be exporting "thousands of Commodores to North America." Or, put another way, we will be getting thousands of Chevrolet SS Performance ...

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    Holden Dealer Team brings out VE Retro Commodore

    While the Holden Commodore VE had a rather short visit to North America in the form of the Pontiac G8, it's still in production Down Under – and still a worthy platform for hotted-up special editions. This one comes from none other than Holden Dealer Team, the revived tuner once owned by ...