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    Report: What is the point of concept cars? Designer Peter Stevens weighs in

    You might not be aware of this, but if you're an enthusiast you've probably been a fan of at least one example of the work of automotive designer and consultant Peter Stevens. His is the hand behind everyday roadsters like the 2002 MG TF, exotic coupes like the 1988 Lotus Esprit Turbo and racing ...

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    Detroit: GAC WitStar provides your annual dose of Chinese-OEM conceptual weirdness from Detroit [w/video]

    The Chinese automakers rarely fail to provide moments of whimsy or baffling innovation when they present at the Detroit Auto Show, and the Guangzhou Automobile Group was no exception this year. GAC offered up both with its WitStar concept, a falcon-wing-doored, range-extended hybrid whose wacky ...

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    Detroit: Hyundai HCD-15 Santa Cruz might be the compact pickup we've been waiting for

    The recent pickup truck renaissance and the dominance of the crossover has not been a great thing for car-heavy brands like Hyundai. That doesn't mean the Korean manufacturer is sitting on its hands, though, as it's taken the 2015 Detroit Auto Show to introduce the Hyundai HCD-15 Concept, also ...

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    Official: Infiniti Q60 Concept previews sexy styling, twin-turbo V6

    Okay Infiniti, this was worth the waiting and teasing. Behold, the Q60 Concept, the coupe that foreshadows a future production two-door while also introducing a new family of 3.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V6 engines. It's fair to say we like it very, very much. Of course, this is not our first ...

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    Report: Next-gen Audi A7 design to be much more 'radical'

    Autocar has been told by Audi design boss Marc Lichte that the next A7 will wear the "most radical" design of three future Audi cars, the others being the A6 and A8, all inspired by the Prologue concept unveiled at the LA Auto Show (pictured above)... READ MORE

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    Official: Edag planning this lightweight backlit-fabric sports car for Geneva

    At the Geneva Motor Show this year EDAG Engineering showed off its Genesis Cockpit concept. Built with a 3D printing technique called "fused deposition modeling," it was a skeletal passenger cell suspended inside a protective shell. At next year's Geneva show EDAG will present another take on the ...

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    Los Angeles: HIGHLIGHTS: Hottest concept cars at the 2014 LA Auto Show

    Although many of the outrageous concept cars and stunning prototypes displayed at the 2014 LA Auto Show may never make it to reality, the ideas, styling cues and key elements from each one often help influence the next generation of cars and technology set to hit the road. Many manufacturers ...

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    Official: Chevy shows Chaparral Vision Gran Turismo concept

    Well, this wasn't something we expected. We knew Chevrolet was going to be getting in on the Vision Gran Turismo party, but it was kind of just assumed that the concept would be based on one of the brand's production performance cars, with the still-newish Corvette seeming like the obvious ...

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    Video: Subaru VIziv GT joins the Gran Turismo Vision clique

    The next vehicle in the Vision Gran Turismo series has poked its nose out as part of a new teaser video and it comes from all-wheel-drive specialists Subaru. Based on the Viziv Concept, the Viziv GT Vision Gran Turismo gets the same sort of racy treatment that we've seen on the other VGT cars, ...

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    Official: XL Sport was 200-millionth VW produced

    Volkswagen Group is one of the largest automakers on Earth, operating 106 factories in 27 countries and building everything from motorcycles to commercial vehicles. However, it saved something very special to celebrate its latest production milestone. During VW's preview night ahead of the 2014 ...