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    Report: Tesla Model S proves troublesome for Consumer Reports

    The Tesla Model S has turned into the breakthrough model that electric cars needed. Instead of looking like a futuristic jellybean whizzing by, the Tesla would still be incredibly attractive with a V8 stuffed under the hood. But beyond its appealing styling, the luxury sedan offers a realistic ...

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    Featured: Meet the 10 best and worst cars for driving visibility

    Visibility is one of the main factors of safe driving. It may seem obvious, however there are car manufacturers that might put driving visibility on the lower end of their priority list when it comes to designing the appearance of a car. For example, a Nissan 370Z is not going to have the same ...

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    Video: Mitsubishi Mirage to be named worst new car of 2014

    After recently listing the top 10 worst used cars you can buy, it seems there's actually a brand new car we might want to soon add to that group. When we reviewed the 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage a few months ago, we absolutely hated it. Our conclusion was that if you needed a car in this segment to ...

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    Featured: Consumer Reports lists most disappointing cars of 2014

    There's no doubt that the dedicated team at Consumer Reports is a great resource for new car buyers, as they aim to provide valuable insight on new cars and topics including the top new car brands of 2014 and ranking things like the worst in-car infotainment systems. While all new cars can't be ...

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    Report: Honda Accord Hybrid falls well short of suggested fuel mileage, says Consumer Reports [w/video]

    Do not poke Consumer Reports with the hybrid fuel economy stick. That seems to be the lesson illustrated here yet again. The Honda Accord Hybrid is the latest to arouse the ratings bear, returning "just" 40 combined mpg (5.88 L/100km) in CR testing. Even so, that makes it "a class leader for fuel ...

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    Video: Consumer Reports sneaks in early review of 2015 Subaru Outback

    Subaru is taking a bit of a measured risk with its new generation of Legacy and Outback. While they ride on a slightly larger platform than before, with a revised front-end design, neither of them looks to be a radical departure from models they replace. Instead of focusing on exterior styling, ...

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    Featured: Best used cars for under $15,000 in Canada

    Shopping for a used car on a budget? Well, you're not alone as we reveal our list of the best used cars for under $15,000 in Canada. With literally dozens of used car makes and models to choose from in this price range, we decided to focus on the competitive small / compact car category. Our ...

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    Video: Consumer Reports names worst car infotainment systems

    One of the perks of reviewing all manner of cars and trucks is that we're exposed to all the different infotainment systems. Whether Cadillac's CUE, Chrysler's UConnect, BMW's iDrive or MyFord Touch, we sample each and every infotainment system on the market. Not surprisingly, some are better ...

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    Official: Best and worst used car values

    We often mock Toyota for building boring, soulless cars, but a new study by Consumer Reports suggests that regardless of whether that's true, the company has some of the best used cars on the market. In its report on used cars from 2004-2013, the Japanese automaker had 11 vehicles among its ...

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    Report: Meet the worst new cars of 2014

    Last week we brought you Consumer Reports lengthy list of Top Car Brands for 2014, and this week we've got their annual list of worst new vehicles of 2014, a cringe-inducing contrast to its list of top vehicles. Ignominiously leading the way in 2014 is Chrysler, which has a staggering seven ...