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    Motorsport: BMW to follow Honda back into F1?

    The economic downturn wrought devastating effects on motor racing. Formula One alone lost half its engine suppliers when Honda left at the end of the 2008 season, and both BMW and Toyota followed at the end of 2009. But things are looking up again. Cosworth may have dropped out this season, ...

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    Official: Chevy Corvette Stingray goes high-tech with Performance Data Recorder

    If the Chevrolet Corvette isn't the first vehicle that comes to mind when you think of technological innovation – there is, after all, something resolutely old-school about even the latest Stingray – it might be time to recalibrate your viewpoint. Announced yesterday at the Consumer ...

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    Featured: Hyundai Genesis Coupes from ARK Performance and Cosworth at SEMA

    Hyundai has brought along two high-performance Genesis Coupes to the SEMA Show to augment is huge fleet of Velosters, Elantras and other modified Korean goodies. We've already dropped the knowledge on both the Cosworth Genesis Racing Series Concept (above, right in blue) – tuned by ...

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    Official: Ford teases five SEMA-bound Focus ST concept cars

    Ford has revealed a few images of five tuned Focus ST concepts that will be shown off at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas this month. None of this group of five is overly subtle, which would run counter to the spirit of SEMA itself, and all hope to highlight the performance nature of Ford's newest hot ...

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    Video: Bloodhound SSC test-fires engine, land-speed record is in danger

    If you remember the Bloodhound Supser Sonic Car, you know the team behind the monstrosity is out to make sure the land-speed record remains in British custody for the foreseeable future. Currently, the record sits at 1,228 km/h (763 mph), set by the ThrustSSD in 1997, but the Bloodhound gang ...

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    Official: Cosworth, Hyundai building Genesis Racing Series concept for SEMA

    Hyundai is gearing up for this year's SEMA Show in a big way. The Korean automaker has partnered up with Cosworth to develop a special Genesis Coupe. The Cosworth CGRS Concept boasts a 389-horsepower version of the factory 3.8-litre, direct-injection V6. That's a respectable jump of 41 horsepower ...

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    Featured: eBay Find of the Day: 1975 Chevy Cosworth Vega

    In 1970, General Motors vice president John DeLorean wanted more power for the Chevrolet division's Vega. After five years of development, the Cosworth Vega was born. Sometime that year, somebody in Farmington, Ill. bought Cosworth Vega No. 1,094 of 2,061 cars built that year and promptly stored ...

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    Report: Justin Bieber blows $160k on customized Range Rover Evoque?

    %Gallery-130742% Justin Bieber is in the celeb buzz headlines once again, but this time it isn't about him being the alleged baby daddy of Mariah Yeater's three-month-old son. Everybody knows the substance of that plot, and now The Biebs has just dished out over $160,000 on a customized Range ...

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    Drifter sends pylon right into the face of trackside photographer

    Motorsports are dangerous. And that goes for professionals on both sides of the wheel. I've photographed motorsports around the world from top tier open-wheel racing all the way to cheesy parking lot events, had engines blow up metres away and out of control cars crash into barriers right in ...

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    Singer teams up with Cosworth as it delivers its third custom Porsche 911

    To the untrained eye, a new Porsche 911 might look pretty much the same as an old one. But to the enthusiast, there's a world of difference. Namely that, while the latest Neun-Elf has the benefit of decades of engineering development, the original still has the classic look. Solution: ...