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    Report: Smart car tipping targets San Francisco drivers [w/video]

    Among the ten commandments of the car guy, near the top is "Thou shalt not mess with thy neighbour's vehicle, regardless of how awful it may be." That said, we can't help but giggle every time we look at the image above. Apparently, some delinquents in San Francisco, bereft of bovines to tip, ...

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    Video: Thieves caught stealing roof from Paul Walker's Porsche wreck busted on video

    From an early age, we're all taught not to take things unless they belong to you. Well, it looks like justice has finally been served in the case of the missing carbon-fibre roof panel taken from the wreck of the Porsche Carrera GT that killed actor Paul Walker and racer Roger Rodas. According ...

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    Report: Man arrested for stealing part of Paul Walker Porsche wreck [w/video]

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    Video: Key-swapping thieves steal Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT from dealer lot

    Just a few weeks back, we reported on the theft of an Audi RS5 by a pair of creative thieves who managed to swipe the car's keys when the salesperson stepped away from their desk. Now, a Florida dealership is missing a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 after some crooks switched the Jeep's keys with an ...

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    Video: Audi RS5 test drive ends with potential buyer stealing car

    Two men are wanted in the Houston area tonight after they stole an Audi RS5 from a local dealership. The brazen theft happened in the middle of the business day, when a salesperson stepped away after letting the one of the men take the car for a test drive, while the other sat in the (getaway) ...

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    Report: First production Volvo P1800 stolen

    Want further proof that car thieves are the scum of the Earth? Some crooks in Sweden made off with a prized Volvo - the very first production P1800. The P1800, a two-door coupe, is a classic that's been growing in popularity over the years, thanks in no small part to its gorgeous ...

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    Report: Would-be car thief foiled by drunk driver ignition interlock

    A drunk driver prevented the theft of a TJ Maxx in Farmington, CT on Wednesday. Okay, not exactly. The drunk driver's car prevented the theft. According to The Hartford Courant, three men swiped US$4,500 worth of ladies handbags from the department store, but didn't get very far. Store security ...

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    Video: Gun-rigged car used in assassination attempt in South Africa

    As car people, there's a certain degree of delight that comes with watching an old James Bond movie and seeing Desmond Llewelyn describe the accoutrements of an MI6-modded Aston Martin or Lotus, all while saying, "Oh grow up, 007." But in reality, a car with concealed firearms, a hallmark of ...

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    Video: Thief steals Chinese food delivery car and continues making deliveries

    Food delivery is big business in any city and our streets are often abuzz with delivery vehicles hurrying to and fro. Chinese food is always a popular choice and the drivers are often so busy that they park their vehicles in any spot they find, legal or not. Often with the engine running so they ...

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    Report: Thieves stealing Porsche headlamps for marijuana grow lights

    Well this is something you don't see everyday. Thieves in Amsterdam have been preying upon unsuspecting Porsches recently. The burglars are not making off with the entire car. Rather, they are stealing only the HID headlights. But what is most interesting is the purpose of snatching just the ...