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    Rumormill: Aston Martin Cygnet with V12 power possible?

    As if the Aston Martin Cygnet weren't unlikely enough, rumour is that a Cygnet with the company's 6.0-litre V12 could find its way onto the British automaker's offer sheets. Yes, really. It would undoubtedly be special order or very limited edition, but according to a report in Autocar, Aston is ...

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    Video: New Cygnet videos attempt to show that supermini is worthy of Aston Martin name

    What makes an Aston Martin an Aston Martin? Well, it has to be made by Aston Martin, to start with. But just what does that brand stand for? Performance, on the one hand, and luxury on the other, because Aston Martin doesn't exactly build extreme supercars, it crafts luxury GTs with prodigious ...

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    Aston Martin can't build Cygnet fast enough to keep up with demand

    Call it practical, call it luxurious, or call it a thinly veiled dilution of a legendary marque. –Whatever you want to call the Aston Martin Cygnet, at the end of the day, there are apparently a sizable number of customers lining up to drop the approximate equivalent of $50,000 on the ...

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    Sir Stirling Moss gets an Aston Martin Cygnet for his 82nd birthday

    Wrapping your head around the cars that Sir Stirling Moss has driven over the course of the many decades in which he drove competitively would be a mind-boggling task. Regarded as the greatest Formula One driver never to win a World Championship, Moss won 212 out of the 529 races he entered, ...

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    Colette edition makes Aston Martin Cygnet even more exclusive

    Bringing in fashion designers to outfit premium hatchbacks seems to be all the rage these days, whether it's a one-off like the latest Life Ball Mini, a Fiat 500 decked out by Diesel or any of the dozens of examples in between. Now, we've got one more to throw into the mix. Teaming up with ...

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    Rumormill: Aston Martin working on Cygnet EV

    Here's a bit of news that's sure to acquaint faces with their respective palms all across the motoring world: word on the web is that Aston Martin is planning to produce an all-electric version of the company's new compact, the Cygnet. This, friends, is why people drink in the morning. The ...

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    Aston Martin configurator launches with Virage and Cygnet

    If you're anything like us, you've been waiting to unleash the full might of the Aston Martin customization program on the Toyota iQ Cygnet. What colours, both hideous and delicious, will the pint-sized Aston boast? What kind of leather will coddle the behinds of the overpaid and tasteless? Fear ...

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    Aston Martin prices Cygnet, announces two launch colours

    Aston Martin Cygnet Launch Editions - Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you've been wondering exactly how much Aston Martin plans on charging for the pleasure of owning its new Toyota iQ Cygnet, wonder no more. The company has officially released pricing details on its first ...