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    Event Alert: Buyer says Dodge dealer gave him wrong Charger, failed to notice for 2 months

    Mistakes happen, and they happen all the time. But when that mistake means a customer doesn't get what he or she paid for, something's gotta give. That's what one Dodge Charger buyer claims he is trying to sort out with his local dealership. Two months after taking delivery, the owner (going by ...

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    Report: Hyundai Rockar dealership concept a kinder way to buy a car [w/video]

    The simple car-buying battle line these days usually centres around dealerships versus some alternative method, like online, that bypasses the dealer. A few manufacturers are trying ways in between those two poles, so that customers can visit a retail concept brick-and-mortar location but avoid ...

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    Report: Saab still alive and well at New Jersey dealership

    We all know the Saab story: a niche automaker that just couldn't last in the quickening pace of an increasingly competitive industry, despite its loyal following. But just because the automaker has all but completely disappeared, it doesn't mean that the loyal following has as well. In fact Saab ...

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    Featured: How to make sure your monthly car payment isn't over your budget

    Car dealerships are not picky: they offer plenty of payment options to their customers – because their ultimate goal is to sell a car. However, if you are like most Canadian car buyer's, then you will probably end up financing your next vehicle, which is arguably the easiest way to actually ...

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    Video: Dealership refunds student for broken Saab with bags of pennies

    Every so often, we come across the story of someone trying to "stick it to the man" by paying a parking fine or speeding ticket in pennies or dimes. Never, though, have we heard of a business stooping to such clichéd lengths. Enter Florida. Irena Mujakovic bought a 2003 Saab way back in ...

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    Featured: 8 simple car repairs you can fix yourself

    Don't let our list of top 10 worst do-it-yourself car repairs scare you off, as there are still plenty of simple car repairs you can actually perform yourself in order to easily avoid costly repair bills you really shouldn't have to pay. Although many car maintenance items and major repair ...

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    Study: Consumers hate car shopping so much they'd rather give up sex and do taxes

    Okay people, this has gotten silly. A new study by Edmunds has revealed what we've always kind of known – people don't like going car shopping. What we didn't realize, though, is why, and what they'd rather do (or not do) to avoid a trip to the dealer. Really, it comes down to the haggle. ...

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    Featured: What dealers expect their customers to know before buying a new car

    Car shoppers aren't the only ones who have high expectations when it comes to the car buying experience – car dealers have their pet-peeves too. Most of those tend to revolve around the customers' general lack of knowledge of how to negotiate a car price. The common belief is that car ...

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    Report: Nissan testing experimental dealer with no desks or offices

    Nissan thinks it has found a better way to sell cars, and it involves stripping showrooms of everything but the cars and sales team. The brand calls the experiment the Nissan New Retail Concept, and it might get tested in Canada and the US in a few years. The concept is relatively simple. ...

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    Official: Koenigsegg returning to North America with flagship Manhattan store

    No more having to work through brokers or call your people in Europe when you want to trade up to this year's Koenigsegg, now that the Swedish supercar syndicate has appointed New York's Manhattan Motorcars to be its first US dealer. Putting high priority on the company it keeps, this will put ...