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    Video: Formula Drift driver Chris Forsberg drifts Skyline-swapped 1975 Datsun 280Z... like a boss

    Chris Forsberg won the Formula Drift Championship in 2009, was in the catbird seat to win it last year until the final race of the season and started this year's season with a win at Long Beach. That is how he can be provide the example for Clarion USA's tagline, "Dream like a champion." In this ...

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    Motorsport: Formula D 2014 kicks off streaming live from streets of Long Beach

    The eleventh season of Formula Drift kicks off with the sell-out event taking place on the Streets of Long Beach. This city streets-course event is one of the top events on the Formula D circuit. Can Michael Essa defend his crown or will Chris Forsberg, Vaughn Gittin Jr. or the other superstars ...

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    Video: Watch Ken Block present Gymkhana SIX: The Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course

    After watching last week's teaser trailer and this hilarious "Ken Box" gymkhnana parody, there's been no shortage of hype surrounding the release of Gymkhana SIX: The Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course. We're glad to see Ken Block back in action, as the original hoonigan himself returns to star in his ...

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    Video: Classic Toyota Cressida touge drifts its way around Norway

    Touge is a Japanese word that literally translates to "pass". The term refers to any of the narrow winding roads found all over Japan. In order to make the trek up and down some of these steep mountains, engineers placed a series of tight S bends that make it easier to traverse these steep ...

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    Motorsport: Drift Mania DMCC Round 8 season finale in Quebec

    After a long and eventful season, the 8th and final round of the 2013 DMCC season took place at the Sanair racing complex, just south of Montreal, Quebec. As usual, the first day was of the event was for the practice sessions and qualifying for the race rounds. The practice sessions went well ...

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    Canada: CSCS Round 4 at Toronto Motorsports Park

    CSCS Round 4 happened this past Sunday and we can report that it's been another successful event for our local sport compact race series. We again saw time attack records being demolished and we saw a tonne of close running action in the drifting rounds. The debut of the new drift layout was a ...

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    Canada: Drift Mania round 5 at Riverside Speedway has Dave Briggs seal another win

    The Drift Mania Canadian Championships (DMCC) hit up the Riverside Speedway for the second time this season for the 5th round of sideways competition. The event was a one day, top 32 main event that saw the top ranked Pro Am drivers get to compete with the Pros. The weather was spectacular, ...

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    Video: Massive backwards drift entry has you scratching your head

    Drifting is an ever evolving sport, similar to most forms of racing, the game changes year after year. As technology advances, so do the entry angles. With the growing popularity of modifying your steering knuckles and tie rods for more steering angle, comes some serious business. While 90 degree ...

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    Canada: Maple Leaf Bash adds dose of sideways action to drifting-crazed Quebec

    Maple Leaf Bash 2013... where tires go to die! The Maple leaf Bash (MLB) is the drift event of the summer. It is not a competition but a 2-day non-stop drifting, wall-tapping, dirt-dropping, drift-train extravaganza with a huge party thrown in for good measure. It is the second year of the MLB ...

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    Video: Making an extreme highway exit in full drift boss mode

    Don't let this baby blue four-door hooptie (pictured above) fool you, the person behind the wheel of this junker sure means business. Watch as the unassuming RWD sedan suddenly kicks it sideways, as its amateur stunt driver skillfully drifts the car the entire way around a highway off-ramp... now ...