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    Motorsport: TOPP Drift Season Opener 2014 [w/galleries]

    The Topp Drift 2014 season opener at Shannoville Motorsports Park this past weekend brought some much needed tire burning warmth to Ontario's drifting scene as we bid farewell to the long and impossibly cold winter. With the weatherman forecasting rain all day, it was a pleasant surprise to show ...

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    Video: Formula Drift driver Chris Forsberg drifts Skyline-swapped 1975 Datsun 280Z... like a boss

    Chris Forsberg won the Formula Drift Championship in 2009, was in the catbird seat to win it last year until the final race of the season and started this year's season with a win at Long Beach. That is how he can be provide the example for Clarion USA's tagline, "Dream like a champion." In this ...

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    Motorsport: Formula D 2014 kicks off streaming live from streets of Long Beach

    The eleventh season of Formula Drift kicks off with the sell-out event taking place on the Streets of Long Beach. This city streets-course event is one of the top events on the Formula D circuit. Can Michael Essa defend his crown or will Chris Forsberg, Vaughn Gittin Jr. or the other superstars ...

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    Video: Watch Formula Drift's Chris Forsberg break in a new warehouse

    Here are just a few great drift cars: Toyota AE86, Mazda RX-7, Nissan Z, Nissan Silvia, and Ford Mustang. One vehicle you won't find on that list, however, is the Infiniti M, because it's a big, heavy luxury car. It's comfortable, spacious and better to drive than you might expect. And yet, even ...

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    Video: Gymkhana stunt video stars drifting freightliner semi truck

    So, it's a safe bet that the following video is the craziest thing you'll see all day. Maybe this week, and quite possibly, this month. It stars, in no particular order, a drifting Freightliner semi driven by Pikes Peak champ Mike Ryan, a dock worker/stuntman being pulled behind said semi, a Ford ...

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    Video: Drifters Vaughn Gittin, Forsberg and Tuerck tear up backyard hoonigan playground

    As far as careers for car enthusiasts go, it doesn't get much better than what Vaughn Gittin Jr., Chris Forsberg or Ryan Tuerck do for a living... and for fun. When you can seamlessly combine competing in the Formula Drift series and ripping up your own private property for a living, you've done ...

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    Video: Autonomous BMW M235i stunt drives itself at CES, making anyone look like a pro

    It's one thing to have autonomous cars displayed at CES 2014. That's fine, having a computer steer you down a boring stretch of arrow-straight freeway while you read a book, text or watch a movie. But when the machines start encroaching on things that make driving fun, we appear to have arrived ...

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    Video: Local Motors' latest project is this adult drift trike

    There's always something new and intriguing left sitting on the deck whenever Local Motors news washes over the Autoblog transom. Lest you think the company only deals in wild off-road tackle like the Rally Fighter, 'tis not the case: it sells the SoulArc skateboard and the Laser Bike Lane Light, ...

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    Video: Wedding couple celebrates nuptials in the parking lot with donuts

    Weddings are often joyous, fun-filled occasions full of revelry and some serious celebrating. And while we appreciate the fact that a couple is being joined together, we have a feeling a video like this could have very easily ruined said couple's big day. It stars a bride, a groom and a BMW M3. ...

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    Motorsport: Halloween Drift Ops 2013 - Season Ender

    It's been an eventful season in the world of Canadian drifting, between the DMCC and CSCC and events, a season full of the highs and lows associated with motorsports. So with great pleasure, we attended the season closer Halloween Drift Ops / Cool Kids Club drift day at Shannonville Motorsports ...