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    Drunk driver confession video has far-reaching effects [w/video]

    "I killed a man." We can't think of a statement at the moment that is more direct and forceful than that. But perhaps, "Because I said I would" could be seen as a close second (not related to the first statement, of course), as you see by the example outlined here. The story of Matthew Cordle ...

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    Report: Driver held in SXSW fatal accident could get death penalty

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    Video: Johnnie Walker smashes a virtual F1 car made of glass

    Anyone who's ever watched a grand prix can tell you that an F1 car is a fragile piece of machinery. But they're made of carbon fibre and metal, not glass. That's where the car in this promo clip differs. Launched last month at the Brazilian Grand Prix as part of Johnnie Walker's campaign against ...

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    Report: This driver injected 15 bags of heroin before crashing, because 'meth is for quitters'

    This shouldn't come as a shock, but heroin is a very, very bad drug. Doing 15 bags of heroin in one day, therefore, is a catastrophically terrible idea, as one Massachusetts man found out by shooting up and then taking his Volkswagen Golf for a spin. According to The Berkshire Eagle, 23-year-old ...

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    Video: Epic DUI prank aims to teach drinking and driving friend a lesson

    What do you do about a friend whose drinking and driving problem has reached epic – five-DUI-infractions epic – proportions? Well, if you're a self-professed YouTube "prankster" you might do something to scare him straight. The subject of the video was allegedly completely passed out ...

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    Video: Florida girl tweets "2 drunk 2 care" moments before deadly crash

    There are some things that never mix well together. Making social media updates while drunk driving clearly takes the crown when it comes to things you just shouldn't do while driving, period! If you happen to recall the recent case of drunk driving rapper Jew'elz tweeting #YOLO (You Only Live ...

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    Report: Ontario drivers could face demerit points and tougher fines for distracted driving

    While we continue to see shocking stunt videos of Arab men texting on the hood of speeding cars and motorcyclists tweeting while riding backwards, it looks like laws are tightening up in parts of Canada to avoid similar disregard for distracted driving. Texting while driving continues to be a ...

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    Video: Redonkulous Dodge Charger is ridin' high

    We're a bit hazy on the styling of this particular donk, which was recently spotted hashing about by HotCarsTV at the Southern Heritage Classic Car show in Memphis. Sporting a "dope" paint job and some wheels that make a "blunt" statement about what the driver enjoys, it's a unique take on the ...

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    Report: NFL giving players Uber credits to avoid drunk driving

    Car service and taxi app Uber has inked a deal with the NFL Players' Association to provide players with a safe ride and prevent drunk driving. Players will be issued US$200 in ride credits on a keychain card, and will also get promo cards for friends and family. Uber is in 17 of the NFL's 31 ...

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    Report: Would-be car thief foiled by drunk driver ignition interlock

    A drunk driver prevented the theft of a TJ Maxx in Farmington, CT on Wednesday. Okay, not exactly. The drunk driver's car prevented the theft. According to The Hartford Courant, three men swiped US$4,500 worth of ladies handbags from the department store, but didn't get very far. Store security ...