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    Featured: 10 worst things to say or do at police checkpoints

    Police checkpoints and roadblocks are designed to keep our roads safe and catch dangerous drivers before bad things happen, but if you really want to know how to act at a police roadblock, it's best to go straight to the source... So why not ask the police officers manning them for a few helpful ...

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    Report: Man gets 4 DUIs in 30 hours in bid for World's Worst Driver

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    Report: Can a DUI be beat by drinking after a crash?

    Years ago I was watching one of the endless streams of legal dramas flashing across my television. The story revolved around a man who had been drinking and then got into an accident. He immediately called his lawyer, who asked him if he had a bottle in the trunk, then advised him to immediately ...

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    Report: Man jailed 180 days for drunk driving with 100 chickens [w/video]

    Some crimes just make you shake your head in disbelief in wonder of how a human being even gets in such a position. Take the bizarre example of Luis Motola-Palacio in Nebraska, who was recently sentenced to 180 days in the slammer for driving drunk with 100 chickens in the back of his SUV. He ...

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    Video: Watch ads combating marijuana DUI problem in legalized states

    Consider our buzz harshed. Legal pot use in the US-States of Washington and Colorado has had a number of benefits – the Highest State has seen a 2.5-per cent drop in violent crime and a big bump in tax revenues (US$10 million during the first third of 2014). Washington, meanwhile, is ...

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    Report: Man ticketed for holding sign warning of DUI checkpoint [w/videos]

    An Ohio man is in trouble with police after attempting to warn drivers of an upcoming drunk-driving checkpoint with a sign that read "DUI checkpoint ahead! Turn now!" Douglas Odolecki took to a street corner in Parma, OH to warn drivers, although police quickly intervened, ticketing him for his ...

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    Canada: Rob Ford's Escalade impounded, driver charged with impaired driving

    Troubled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford never stops making headlines, even when he's no where to be found. The most recent report from CityNews claims that the Mayor's often spotted Cadillac Escalade has just been impounded by police in Bracebridge, ON. According to police sources, the mayor was not ...

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    Drunk driver confession video has far-reaching effects [w/video]

    "I killed a man." We can't think of a statement at the moment that is more direct and forceful than that. But perhaps, "Because I said I would" could be seen as a close second (not related to the first statement, of course), as you see by the example outlined here. The story of Matthew Cordle ...

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    Report: Driver held in SXSW fatal accident could get death penalty

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    Video: Johnnie Walker smashes a virtual F1 car made of glass

    Anyone who's ever watched a grand prix can tell you that an F1 car is a fragile piece of machinery. But they're made of carbon fibre and metal, not glass. That's where the car in this promo clip differs. Launched last month at the Brazilian Grand Prix as part of Johnnie Walker's campaign against ...