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    Featured: Dacia Duster limousine an ambitious student project [w/video]

    The Dacia Duster catches a lot of fire from the the Top Gear boys, but the work of 23 students could (but probably won't) put an end to that. The students are part of Dacia's Engineering Projects Auto Program, and have gone about creating a stretched Dacia Duster. The team started by cutting the ...

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    Video: Jay Leno and 1975 Plymouth Duster have a moment

    Long before Jay Leno became an international celebrity, he was spinning wrenches at a local car dealership. While there, he crossed paths with Paul Annunziata, a brilliant mechanic with a penchant for Mopar muscle. While Leno was busy doing stand-up comedy and working his way toward network ...

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    Video: GT-R-powered Dacia Duster caught testing before Pikes Peak

    I used to work with this old Engineer dude who immigrated an Eastern Block country under the rule of the iron curtain. He used to try and convince me repeatedly that no other engineer was a good as he was and no car in the world was built like a Dacia. Now, most of us don't know the name Dacia. ...

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    Dacia Duster teased preparing for Pikes Peak assault

    North American audiences may not be familiar with the name Dacia. It's Renault's Romanian budget brand, and a particular favorite of Top Gear's James May. But beyond its no-frills road cars, Dacia has also followed its parent company's lead in establishing a name for itself in motorsport ...