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    Canada: Hagerty Insurance gathers classic cars for manual driving school

    We know what you're thinking, what on earth is a 'manual driving' event? Well, since the manual transmission seems to be rapidly going the way of VHS technology, Hagerty decided to round up a wide range of classics equipped with a proper transmission with a clutch and a stick. The aim was to pay ...

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    Featured: Tedfest 2013 gathers stunning BMW classic cars from Canada and US

    As legend has it, Tedfest started out way back 10 years ago as four classic BMW owners hanging out in a driveway and talking into the night. Organizer Ted Kalman kept the same intimate family formula, but the show has grown, year-over-year. Yet again, this year, there was a new record of classic ...

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    Video: The Homer (Simpson) to contest 24 Hours of LeMons

    It's finally happened. A 24 Hours of LeMons team has built the definitive interpretation of The Homer from The Simpsons for competition in an upcoming race. As you may recollect, The Homer is the fictional car designed by Homer Simpson for his brother's car company. Designed with a separate ...

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    Video: BMW M3 gets the video retrospective treatment

    With BMW on the cusp of pulling back the sheets on its next-generation M3 (or should we say, M4?), the crew from Electric Federal has taken it upon themselves to give us a generation-by-generation look at the evolution of the most renowned of BMW's sports coupes. The video below features plenty ...

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    Video: Arab stunt driving video shows BMW E30 ghost riding with burnouts galore

    When it comes to stunt driving mayhem, crazy burnouts, dangerous drifting and ghost riding the whip, drivers in the Middle East (including the one in this video) have been showing the world how it's done for years. Being big fans of the classic BMW E30 too, we simply couldn't resist sharing the ...

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    Featured: BMW E30 crashed into house by forum troll, then gets owned

    Ahh, the internet. The greatest of inventions at times, but often the lowest common denominator presented for the world to see. And even when you think your actions will fade away (or get deleted) they surface in caches, screen caps and video downloaders everywhere. Post it, and it's up for all ...

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    Video: BMW E30 meets untimely death while hooning it up in parking lot

    Classic BMW fans, brace yourselves because this one sure ain't pretty. We have stumbled across the tragic, though slightly humorous demise of a clean e30. It seems this novice drifter driver thought it was a great idea to go out in a vacant parking lot with what sounds like a slightly modified ...

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    Comparo: BMW E30 M3 vs. Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 in ultimate 80's shootout

    Back in the day we think of classic battles of Ford versus Chevy, Mustang and Camaro and even full size pick-up trucks duking it out for bragging rights. While those battles still exist today, there was one battle in the 1980's that heated up across the pond and well, never really caught on here ...

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    Video: BMW E30 crashes during drift expo, but keeps going!

    The classic BMW E30 is known for its great performance and timeless design. The sought after (and budget friendly) chassis is often preferred by enthusiasts. This particular E30 and it's driver were caught crashing the party at a recent CSCS drift event in Toronto Motorsports Park. After ...

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    Featured: Pics Aplenty: BMW celebrates 40 years of M

    When we think of the BMW M division, the 1978 M1 comes instantly to mind, followed by the E30 M3 and then the 2001-2002 M Coupe. But the company's in-house hot rod shop actually dates back to 1972, when it was formed as a subsidiary to manage the company's racing operations, dubbed BMW ...