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el camino

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    Video: Hot Rod Garage series premieres with 700-hp big-block Jaguar XJ

    Roadkill hosts Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger have broken up - kinda - to spin off a new show, Hot Rod Garage, that mostly gives up the driveway and parking lot wrench work for the confines of a garage. We say kinda because while Finnegan is the primary host for Hot Rod Garage, Freiburger ...

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    Report: El Camino revival hopes scuttled by Aussie dollar?

    Could Chevrolet sell a reborn El Camino in North America? Let's ask an expert, General Motors International Operations boss Tim Lee, what he thinks. Speaking to the Aussies at, Lee had this to say: "I think here in the US that vehicle has a tremendous amount of cache so if we ...

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    Followup: Chevy says El Camino and Nomad trademark filings were just routine paperwork

    A slew of recent trademark filings by General Motors had us daydreaming about the return of Chevrolet models like the El Camino and Nomad, but alas, Automotive News is reporting that the automaker is just keeping up on its paperwork. In order to prevent losing the names to other companies, ...

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    Video: Doritos El Camino Monster Truck goes Wild in new Ad!

    What do you get when you mix a vintage El Camino with a bag of new Doritos? Apparently, an explosive "joyride" commercial featuring two reckless stunt men behind the wheel of an El Camino monster truck! The action-packed ad starts off with two guys (one in a flame-stenciled helmet, of course!) ...