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    Featured: REAL TALK: Elon Musk raises the stakes for Tesla Motors

    Falling gas prices, production delays and weakened demand in a key market would send shudders through the CEOs of most automakers. None of those problems could dent the enthusiasm Tesla Motors CEO and co-founder Elon Musk has for a vision of an electric-car future... READ MORE

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    Detroit: Spira4u foam car enters pilot production

    Four years ago we posted on the three-wheeled foam car that was going to enter the Auto X-Prize. The car was the Spira at the time, and it made it to the round-of-four in X-Prize competition. Its inventor, Lon Ballard, created the vehicle for the sole purpose of lowering the number of road ...

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    Official: Tesla starts real-world beta testing of Model S battery swaps in California

    Despite at least one skeptic calling the Tesla Model S battery swap program the "Hoax of the Year" for 2013, the first real-life beta tests for the long-awaited technology are now available to Model S drivers on the road between San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA. Earlier today, Tesla CEO Elon ...

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    Green: Tesla Roadster 3.0 package prototype announced with 640-kilometre possibilities

    Once a car company ceases to manufacture a particular model, it is relegated to history, largely forgotten by its maker. Sure, warranties are honored and recall-worthy items are (hopefully) taken responsibility for, but post-production improvements are left up owners and the aftermarket. With the ...

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    Report: Mercedes may be working on a new electric-car platform dubbed 'Ecoluxe'

    Automobile has a lengthy piece this month on how the four German mass-market luxury manufacturers each plan to go after Tesla with their own electric vehicles. It was written by Georg Kacher, the magazine's European bureau chief, and the English version came a month after he wrote the ...

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    Official: Elon Musk teases Tesla Roadster update

    A holiday present is coming for Tesla enthusiasts, according to a Tweet from Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk. Like all good presents, we don't know what it'll be, thought. Musk only said that details for an improved Roadster electric vehicle will be announced later this week. Ever the master of ...

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    Official: Street legal formula-style racer is a plug-in Predator we want to drive

    Street Legal Formula-Style Racer Now Up For Crowdfunding It may look like a somewhat squashed Formula 1 race car, but the new PC010 ST is a street-legal hybrid car. Or an all-electric street-legal racer. The main hurdle between you and some zero-emission action will be putting the $20,000 kit car ...

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    Report: France says diesel cars a 'mistake,' announces phase-out plans

    Anyone even vaguely familiar with the European auto market knows that diesel-fueled vehicles take up a huge portion of the roads there. A combination of high fuel efficiency, useful torque in tightly packed cities, low CO2 emissions and tax incentives all contribute to the popularity. However, ...

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    Green: Elon Musk goes deep, says 'Nobody should be CEO forever'

    When someone achieves as much as Elon Musk has, it's easy to become fascinated not just with what the person is doing, but who that person is on a personal level. Sure, many of us are curious about what the future of Tesla or SpaceX looks like from inside the mind of its CEO, but some of us are ...

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    Report: Tesla Model X delayed thanks to falcon wing doors

    CEO Elon Musk Names Falcon Wing Doors As One Potential Issue Besides the third-quarter sales figures for the Model S this year, the big news from the Tesla investor earnings call yesterday was another delay of the Model X electric SUV. CEO Elon Musk made it clear in his letter to investors that ...