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    Breaking: Michael Schumacher shows 'Small, Encouraging Signs' that he will wake

    Formula One champion Michael Schumacher is said to be showing "small, encouraging signs" that he may awake from his medically induced coma, according to his agent. It's now been over two months since the shocking ski crash left Schumacher fighting for his life in hospital after suffering severe ...

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    Breaking: Michael Schumacher starts waking up process after tragic ski accident

    Could Michael Schumacher be waking up from his coma? Although our last update indicated doctors feared F1 race star could remain in a vegetative state for the rest of his life, Schumacher's management issued a statement announcing the first steps have now been taken towards waking him up from his ...

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    Followup: Michael Schumacher's condition stable, but rumours swirl about his racing future

    This much is clear - Michael Schumacher is in stable condition, but remains in a medically induced coma following a skiing accident on December 29. From there, information on the seven-time Formula One champion's status is dodgy at best, with speculation from a number of sources that all have the ...

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    Official: New Ford Police Interceptor tech protects cops' backsides

    It was only a matter of time before law enforcement agencies would realize the potential of driver-assist technology for use in their Ford Police Interceptors, and, now that they have, those back-up cameras and radar systems won't be used just for parking, but for security, as well. The ...

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    Report: Automakers donating money, vehicles and supplies to Oklahoma tornado relief effort

    Judging by the destruction the Oklahoma City area experienced earlier this week, residents are going to need a lot of help in coming months. Fortunately, a number of automakers – including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Honda and Toyota – have stepped up to donate money, ...

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    Report: How Mercedes is using QR codes to help accident victims

    Mercedes-Benz is working on a system that may help emergency workers quickly and safely rescue trapped occupants in wrecked vehicles. The system pairs rescue sheets that show firefighters, police and paramedics information on exactly how and where to use rescue sheers to extract trapped ...

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    Featured: Police, Fire and Ambulance play by a different rule book

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to race through traffic in a police car, chasing the baddies? Perhaps you've had a day dream wherein you're navigating a brutal snow storm in an ambulance, a precious life on the line? Or maybe you fancy a run in a big red rig, piloting a fire truck ...

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    Video: Thief steals Chinese food delivery car and continues making deliveries

    Food delivery is big business in any city and our streets are often abuzz with delivery vehicles hurrying to and fro. Chinese food is always a popular choice and the drivers are often so busy that they park their vehicles in any spot they find, legal or not. Often with the engine running so they ...

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    Video: Quickest Police response to car crash ever [w/video]

    It's becoming quite common-place to hear about or see another entertaining car related video from Mother Russia. It's no wonder that the sale of dashcams has been on the rise over there for the past few years. Between all the crazy weather, the unpredictable roads, the lack of regard for ...

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    Video: Woman lifts BMW off father crushed underneath

    Backyard mechanics beware, as this 52-year-old man was nearly crushed to death while wrenching on his classic BMW 525i at home. Alec Kornacki unexpectedly found himself pinned under his car after a jack suddenly slipped out of place, dropping the 1,565 kg (3,450 lb) luxury sedan on top of his ...