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    Video: Being in Chrysler's Eminem Super Bowl ad changed gospel choir's lives [w/videos]

    In 2011, Chrysler unveiled its now-famous "Imported from Detroit" ad during the Super Bowl. The ad that sparked a Motown rallying cry of sorts featured Eminem, the Chrysler 200, and a key musical element; the Selected of God gospel choir. The choir performed Eminem's "Lose Yourself," and in doing ...

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    Video: Sorry Clint and Eminem, your ads were not the most significant for Chrysler [w/video]

    Though it has been the company's star-laden Super Bowl commercials starring Eminem and Clint Eastwood that have garnered the most buzz for Chrysler and its ad agency Wieden + Kennedy, the principals agree that it was a far earlier spot that has made the biggest impact thus far. Chrysler CEO ...

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    Report: Chrysler readying 200 8 Mile, 300 Motown special edition models [w/video]

    It's been a couple of years since Chrysler first kicked off its popular "Imported from Detroit" tagline, but the automaker's hometown rally cry is about to make the move from advertising to special-edition models. According to The Detroit News, Chrysler will introduce the Chrysler 300 Motown and ...

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    Video: Chrysler launches new Ram ads and gears up for Super Bowl XLV [w/videos]

    Perhaps no car company has made bigger splashes in the last two years at the Super Bowl than Chrysler, and the automaker's marketing chief, Olivier Francois, said today that he plans to be all over the big game again in February. Last year, the company made an ad featuring Hollywood icon Clint ...

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    Report: Chrysler vs. Pure Detroit "Imported From Detroit" legal dustup settled

    Chrysler and Pure Detroit have agreed to a settlement in the legal wrangling over Chrysler's "Imported from Detroit" tagline. According to The Detroit News, the automaker and T-shirt purveyor have asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuits against one another. Terms of the agreement were not ...

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    What automotive ads went viral in 2011?

    It's been a serious year for automotive advertising. From dancing hamsters to big-name talent like Jennifer Lopez, Eminem and Dr. Dre, we saw automakers go all out in an attempt to lure buyers to their showrooms. But which spots garnered the most eyes? has taken the time to rank the ...

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    Video: Latest Chrysler "Imported From Detroit" ad trades in Eminem for poetry

    Edgar Albert Guest was a transplanted Detroiter, his family having moved from Birmingham, England to The Motor City well before Detroit earned that nickname. From there, he embraced the city and life itself, penning more than 10,000 poems with titles like "On Quitting" and "It Takes a Heap O' ...

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    Video: Chrysler, Eminem team up for 'Imported from Detroit' charity effort

    Everyone remembers Chrysler's 'Imported from Detroit' Super Bowl ad that starred rap artist Eminem and featured the new 200 sedan. To build on the success of this ad, the automaker is now launching the Imported from Detroit Project, in conjunction with Eminem, that will highlight events and ...

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    Video: Audi settles Chrysler Eminem ad infringement argument

    Audi and Chrysler looked ready to tussle over the German automaker's European commercial for the 2012 Audi A6 Avant. The commercial spot in question had many accusing it of being a bit too close to the Chrysler "Imported from Detroit" campaign that kicked off with Eminem selling the world on ...

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    Video: Watch the Audi ad accused of ripping off Chrysler's Eminem spot

    The Chrysler 200 Super Bowl ad has all the makings of an instant classic. The two-minute long spot had star power, a terrific soundtrack and an uplifting message that struck a chord with the working man. We loved the commercial, and after a strong reception, we fully expected other automakers' ...