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    Video: Imagineering Disney's Test Track 2.0

    General Motors and Disney put together a behind-the-scenes video looking at what went into their new Test Track 2.0 ride at Epcot. As one would expect of this kind of marquee endeavor, it involved a lot of back and forth between teams from both Walt Disney and Chevrolet, and it sounds both ...

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    Video: Go for a first-person ride on the Disney Test Track 2.0 attraction

    General Motors and Disney have put the finishing touches on the Test Track 2.0 ride at Epcot. Walt Disney World has begun holding previews of the attraction for the theme park's workers and their guests, and a few videos of the experience have already made their way to the web. From the look of ...

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    Official: GM and Walt Disney redesign Epcot Center's Test Track attraction

    General Motors and Disney have partnered to recreate the classic Test Track ride at Epcot Center. Designers first began collaborating some 18 months ago with the goal of creating an inside look at a professional design studio. GM says the project specifically allowed its designers to approach ...

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    Official: GM and Disney sign new deal to replace 13-year-old Test Track attraction

    General Motors has announced that it will continue to work with Disney. The two companies have agreed to renew their long-term partnership to rework the Test Track attraction at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The ride is now officially 13 years old, and GM will work closely ...