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    Video: CCTV footage shows Red Bull trophy heist going down

    Any Formula One team knows the deal: you train, you prepare, you make the best car possible and put it in the hands of the best people you can get. But then out of nowhere another driver crashes into one of yours and your race is over. That's just the way it goes sometimes, but even that didn't ...

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    Motorsport: Audi rumoured to ditch Le Mans, DTM for F1

    If you've been scratching your head wondering how – between Audi and Porsche – the Volkswagen Group could possibly support two rival top-tier LMP1 programs at Le Mans and the FIA World Endurance Championship, but stay out of Formula One entirely, you're not alone. In fact, Porsche was ...

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    Motorsport: Ecclestone admits German GP could drop off F1 calendar

    There was a time (and it wasn't so long ago) that Formula One was so popular in Germany that racing circuits fought over who wanted to host it more. But now it seems that no one does. Although earlier reports suggested the German Grand Prix would stay at Hockenheim this season, when asked by ...

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    Motorsport: Fernando Alonso wants an Acura NSX, but did Honda block him from Le Mans?

    One of the biggest changes in store for the 2015 Formula One World Championship will see Fernando Alonso moving back to McLaren. That means he'll be driving under Honda power for the first time, after spending the bulk of his career driving for Renault and Ferrari. And being Honda's new poster ...

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    Featured: This incredible Ayrton Senna portrait is made from his family's jeans [w/video]

    English artist Ian Berry, who goes by the name Denimu, creates artworks in denim. That can sound like he's just another guy trying to do something novel, but his portraits, landscapes, and street scenes are really rather impressive. The Instituto Ayrton Senna commissioned him to do a portrait of ...

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    Motorsport: FIA levels F1 playing field for Honda

    Formula One may place a high emphasis on technical innovation, but it also demands an equal playing field. So after the FIA regulations handed Mercedes a technical advantage for next season, a loophole was opened up to allow Ferrari and Renault to update their engines throughout the year. That ...

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    Video: The List #650: Drive A Formula One Car

    Formula One is the most popular form of motorsport in the world. To get a ride on the globe's top-flight open-wheel circuit, most racers spend years working their way up through the ranks before sitting behind the wheel of a bona fide F1 car. But in this very special episode of The List, hosts ...

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    Video: Why F1's weird nosecones won't be back in 2015

    Formula One race cars aren't designed to be pretty. They're designed to be fast. Sometimes, though, that renders a more or less aesthetically pleasing form, depending largely (these days) on what the teams' aerodynamicists cook up. But this past season, many of the cars were seen as downright ...

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    Motorsport: McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari call for unfreezing F1 engines

    Formula One is a hugely expensive sport. Not only do you have enormous salaries and logistical expenses, as you would in any other sport, but each team also spends huge sums developing their own chassis from the ground up – and so too do the participating automakers in developing the ...

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    Report: Korean GP removed (again) from F1 calendar

    The inclusion of the Korean Grand Prix onto the 2015 FIA Formula One World Championship calendar came as a little bit of a surprise. The event never really hosted any awful races during its tenure on the schedule from the 2010 through 2013 seasons, but after not being a part of the series in ...