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    Video: Woman gives birth in speeding car on expressway

    A woman gave birth to her fifth child in the early hours of Tuesday morning this week, though this birth was extra special. It was the first time she delivered in the back seat of a speeding car. Grendalee Rosales, 29, was in labour as her husband Jose Rosales sped down the Lee Roy Selmon ...

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    Video: James Bond's Goldfinger Aston Martin still missing after 17 years

    James Bond is inextricably linked with British motoring, especially Aston Martin, but the spy with a license to kill is missing one of his most famous cars. The original DB5 packed with gadgets for the movie Goldfinger has been lost for the last 17 years with no leads as to its whereabouts. This ...

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    Report: Can a DUI be beat by drinking after a crash?

    Years ago I was watching one of the endless streams of legal dramas flashing across my television. The story revolved around a man who had been drinking and then got into an accident. He immediately called his lawyer, who asked him if he had a bottle in the trunk, then advised him to immediately ...

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    Video: Are these the world's worst speed bumps?

    If you ask a lot of driving enthusiasts, they'll tell you that speed bumps are annoying across the board. Most community organizations, however, would argue the opposite. And as with so many other things, the most effective and mutually tolerable path lies somewhere in the middle. But that middle ...

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    Video: Dealership refunds student for broken Saab with bags of pennies

    Every so often, we come across the story of someone trying to "stick it to the man" by paying a parking fine or speeding ticket in pennies or dimes. Never, though, have we heard of a business stooping to such clichéd lengths. Enter Florida. Irena Mujakovic bought a 2003 Saab way back in ...

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    Video: Sunbathing woman run over by beach patrol pickup awarded US$2.6M

    A woman who was run over by a Beach Patrol pickup in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida, while sunbathing in 2011 was awarded US$2.6 million in damages on June 26. However, she may only be eligible for a small fraction of that money under the state's laws. According to WFTV News in Orlando, Florida, ...

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    Video: Police deputy fired after letting drunk pals heckle public in patrol car

    A police officer took a pair of drunken friends on a cruise through a major bar district and made the spectacularly poor decision of handing over his patrol car's PA mic to one of his intoxicated passengers. The incident happened in the early morning hours in Broward County, FL (did you really ...

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    Report: Man facing $53,000 fine for using cell phone jammer to stop distracted drivers

    Sometimes one man's great idea is everyone else's idea of a huge breach of the law. Using a phone while driving is completely legal in the US state of Florida, but it still bothered Jason R. Humphreys. He responded by allegedly operating a cellphone jammer from his Toyota Highlander for about two ...

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    Video: Watch parking valet roll customer's car into Ocean by accident

    If handing over your keys to a valet sparks trust issues (like these ruthless valets after a bad tip), you might want to skip watching this video below. The sight of this unfortunate owner's car bobbing in fifteen feet of salty sea water certainly won't make valets seem any more likable or ...

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    Report: Cops in trouble for writing 12,700 speed trap tickets in tiny town of 477 people

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