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    Video: Supermodel Adriana Lima kicks off World Cup fever with Kia

    It may be a little different here in parts of Canada, but it has been said time and time again, most North Americans will never truly embrace soccer. Not when we have so many other major sports (like baseball, basketball, hockey and football) to watch, cheer on and follow. But if anyone can ...

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    Report: Racing helmet legend Bill Simpson turning his attention to pro football safety

    Bill Simpson has turned his helmet expertise toward reducing the number of concussions in football. Simpson has been manufacturing helmets for motorsports for years, turning his experience as a drag racer and a driver in the Indianapolis 500 into safer equipment for use at the track, but it ...

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    Featured: Grey Cup fever kicks off in Toronto with Nissan Fan Experience

    Things are really heating up for the 100th Grey Cup, as the Toronto Argonauts prepare to battle the Calgary Stampeders for CFL supremacy this weekend. Canadian football fans are looking forward to the big game and there's no better place to kick things off then the 100th Grey Cup Festival Family ...

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    Video: Teen fails jump over moving car for football recruitment stunt video

    We've all seen the video of NBA star Kobe Bryant jumping over a speeding Aston Martin, but was that the inspiration for the tragic stunt performed by this 19-year-old Florida athlete? The graphic accident happened when Bladimir Barreto attempted to jump over a moving car to impress football ...

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    Video: Watch some drunk German football fans cheer on a parallel parker

    Europeans, as we know, take their football (our soccer) seriously – it isn't until a team wins that their fans can stop being so focused and have some serious fun. Exhibit A: after the German national team beat Argentina in Euro 2012, some chaps still full of cheer (and beer, presumably) ...

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    Video: Audi brings Real Madrid and Barcelona rivalry to life with pair of A1 hatchbacks

    This Saturday, December 10, marks the day of one of the most anticipated, publicized and important soccer matches of the year, between Real Madrid and Barcelona. The two Spanish teams are set to square off with each other for the 216th time (including UEFA, Super Cup and Copa del Rey matches). ...

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    Official: Chrysler signs on as Official Car of the NFL... in the UK?

    %Gallery-137367% Football is big the the UK, but when the Brits talk about football, they're referring to what we call soccer. Even so, pigskin football has its fans in Great Britain, and not just when Peter Griffin got traded from the New England Patriots to the London Silly-Nannies or when the ...